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6 Evidence Brings To Light That Our Favorite Characters Had Serious Problems

For the most radical fans of the series and movies, there are few secrets that can be hidden from them, they spend hours and hours researching to get new information about your favorite characters.

In most cases they are curiosities that do not go anywhere, but there are exceptions in which it is discovered that the reality of these characters is very sad and break stereotypes what we had on them.

Famous people who hide a dark secret

1- James Bond is an alcoholic


This data is not surprising if it were not for the character we are talking abouta hunk in perfect physical shape, who drives sports cars and kills bad guys.

That a spy is capable of doing all of this while continuing to consume is quite revealing information. Researchers read 14 novels about the character to see how much alcohol he drank during his missions. The result was that I consumed 4 times more than the maximum recommendable.

2- Millions of people have died in Westeros

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We all know that the series of Game of Thrones has no problem killing someone, but we are not aware of the number of people who die in Westeros, and the cause is not white walkers, but winter.

Given the conditions of the citizens who live in this universe, only a few are prepared to survive. Since the winters are so long, many people die from the cold or some disease. Knowing that about 40 million live in Poniente of people, the accounts come out alone.

3- Most citizens of Springfield will die of lung cancer

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20th Century Fox

Although these characters have survived hundreds of catastrophes, there is something that they will not be able to escape and it is cancer. Researchers have reviewed more than 400 episodes in which a total of 795 people can be seen smoking.

From children to the elderly, the cigarette has passed through the mouths of hundreds of citizens from Springfield, if it were real life, more than one would already be sick.

4- Jack Bauer murdered 309 people in 9 days

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It is a sad reality that the hero of 24 He will kill so many people in the course of such a short time, and despite the fact that he is not a bad person and everything he does is for the greater good, it is still a very dark fact. Most of these crimes were committed with a gun.

5- Aladdin is just a story invented by the Genie

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The Walt Disney Company

The creators of the film affirmed the theory that the salesman at the beginning of the movie is actually the Genie of the lamp. So either Aladdin is long dead and the genie still remembers him for what it meant to him or it’s just a story he made up for kids.

6- The prince of Sleeping Beauty abuses her

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The Walt Disney Company

In it original story written by Giambattista Basile, the prince finds the girl asleep and abuses her. As he did not get up, he flees the scene. The princess continues to sleep until her nine months later she wakes up to give birth to twins.

The prince returns and seeing her falls in love with her, tells her what happened and incredibly she forgives him. Shortly after, the two have to face the prince’s wife, who tries to assassinate them for the betrayal of her husband. In the end, as in every story, everyone is happy and eats partridges.

Did you know the stories of these characters? Which surprises you the most?

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Source: CrackedSource cover image: HBO – The Walt Disney Company

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