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6 essential tips for taking care of blonde hair

Do you want beautiful, healthy and shiny blonde hair? It is demanding work, but rewarding. Discover some tips for getting compliments.

Although there are many women who love to see themselves blonde, the truth is that the blond hair it takes a little more work to maintain than brown hair or even red hair, for example.

Problems such as dry hair, excessively yellow tones, dark roots or fragile and brittle hair are just some of the most common among blondes.

But before you put your hands to your head, calm down. We’ve put together some valuable tips that will help you keep the perfect blonde what you’ve always dreamed of.

Check it out and get ready for compliments on your blonde hair wherever you go.

How to care for blonde hair: 6 useful tips


Before going blonde, prepare your hair

The hair lightening process, even when it is already blonde, requires that the strands are strong, very well hydrated and cared for.

Therefore, if you are thinking of applying a blonde tone to your hair, know that it is important to start this preparation a few months beforehand.

Start with a cut to ensure strong ends, and have a consistent hair routine specific to your hair type.

This will help your blonde hair stay healthy and not be damaged by the chemical bleaching process.


Regular maintenance is essential

You’ve probably heard that being blonde is a lot of work. And it’s true, since blonde tones require more maintenance.

In this sense, after achieving the blonde you’ve always dreamed of, you must maintain a strict care routine, so as not to let the color lose its vitality and shine.

For this, it is important to cut the ends every 2 months and even do a shine bath frequently, at the hairdresser.

This will revitalize the structure of the hair fiber, weakened due to the chemical action of coloring and bleaching.

In addition, it is very important that you have a hydration routine at home, so that the strands remain nourished and shiny.


Use specific products with moisturizing action

Although this tip is useful for all types of hair, it never hurts to remember that you should use products that are suitable for your hair type.

However, it is important to emphasize that blonde hair needs products that protect the strands from drying out, so that the color remains bright, lively and beautiful.

In this sense, it is crucial to bet on specific shampoos, masks and conditioners for blonde hair.

The idea is that the color does not turn yellow, and the wires remain beautiful and healthy.

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Don’t forget hydration

As we’ve already told you, a good hydration routine is essential for blonde hair, as it will prevent the strands from becoming dull, brittle and lackluster.

Ideally, make a weekly hydration mask at home, and a monthly one at your hairdresser. If you want, you can also bet on homemade hydrations, at least once a month.

Also, do not forget that the hydration of your hair also depends on your diet, namely the correct intake of water.

So take care of yourself inside and out.


Touch up color often

In order for the color to maintain its vitality, it is essential that you maintain the color at your hairdresser or at home, touching up whenever necessary.

To be sure of the frequency with which you should touch up the color, ask your trusted professional for advice, as this will depend on your hair type and also on the shade of blonde you have chosen.

For example, if your natural hair is very dark, it is inevitable that you will have to touch up the roots, without massaging the length, more often so as not to notice the difference.

We all know how excessive heat can damage the hair fiber. Consequently, if you are going to use a blow dryer or any styler, it is crucial that you always apply heat protectant.

Likewise, if you go to the beach or the pool, it is essential that you apply a sunscreen for your hair. As with the skin, UV rays also have harmful effects on hair.

And since blonde hair tends to be more fragile, it’s important to protect it from heat if you want to keep it healthy and beautiful.

As you can see, although blonde hair takes a little more work than other hair tones, the result of all this care will surprise you.

After all, beautiful and well-groomed blonde hair is capable of attracting all attention to itself. Follow these tips and take good care of yours.

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