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6 essential routines for beautiful and healthy hair

We all dream of strong, shiny and healthy hair. But did you know that there are some routines for beautiful and healthy hair? Meet them.

There are few women who do not dream of silky, shiny and healthy hair. And the truth is, it’s not an impossible mission to have amazing hair. But did you know that there are some routines for beautiful and healthy hair??

Yes, it’s really true. Betting on daily care and products specific to your hair type is essential to keep it strong and healthy.

Two of the most common problems women face with their hair are, on the one hand, excess oiliness of the scalp and, on the other hand, dry, damaged hair and split ends.

Although they are opposite situations, there is a solution for both problems. You just need to have some discipline and use the right products when taking care of your hair.

Below, we share with you some tips to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

6 routines for beautiful and healthy hair


Care when washing your hair

Washing your hair with a specific shampoo for your hair type and then applying the conditioner is the first step towards beautiful and healthy hair.

When washing, it is important not to apply the shampoo directly to the length and ends of the hair. Shampoo should only be pulled to length minutes before rinsing.

Mix with a little water in your hand, and rub the scalp in circular motions.

Always rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water, as hot water dilates the pores and contributes to oil production, damaging the hair fiber.


Bet on suitable products

Even if you take care of your hair, know that you will never have beautiful strands if you don’t use quality products. And above all, suitable for your hair type.

Oily or dry, straight or curly, it doesn’t matter what your hair type is: each one has its own characteristics and specific requirements

Therefore, when choosing shampoo, conditioner, mask and other hair products, don’t just look at the price or brand.

The important thing is to buy products suitable for your hair type.

After washing, you should always apply a little mask suitable for your hair type on the strands, massaging for a deeper and more effective absorption.

If you want intense hydration, apply the mask to damp strands, dip a towel in boiling water, wring it out and wrap it around your hair. Let it stay for 10 minutes, then remove the mask with plenty of water.

This technique helps nourish the strands in depth, leaving the hair beautiful and silky.

Hair care routines naturally depend on the condition of the hair and consequent needs.

Thus, and considering healthy hair, it is essential to invest in weekly hydration. Book a day to take care of yourself, and your hair. If you want, you can even try making homemade hydration masks.

Whenever you feel that your hair is more damaged, you should intensify and bring the hydration cycles closer together.

And of course, when the hair reopens, you can do deeper hair hydration there.

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In order to damage the hair strands as little as possible, apply thermal protector and always dry in the opposite direction to the growth of the strands, in order to lift the hair roots and the scalp line.

And remember that you shouldn’t dry the strands at high temperatures, as this harms the hair fiber, which translates into dull, brittle and lifeless hair.

Whenever you know that your hair will be more subject to aggression, such as prolonged exposure to UV rays, for example, try to protect it with a sunscreen for hair and a hat.

And of course, don’t forget to keep it well hydrated, and always apply thermal protector before drying or styling.

Now that you know the routines for healthy hair, there are no more excuses for not having beautiful hair. See if you make any of the mistakes below, and fix them now.

Most common mistakes that lead to damaged hair

  • Leaving product residue in the hair. For example, not rinsing the hair well after shampooing;
  • Hydrate hair that is not well washed or clean;
  • Mixing products from different ranges and lines, which may be incompatible and cause adverse reactions;
  • Not applying a product correctly, exaggerating for example the amount of mask to use;
  • Use the moisturizing cream as a conditioner;
  • Not untangling the strands properly, drying the hair still with knots.

Ready to say hello to the hair you’ve always dreamed of?

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