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6 Easy Holiday Hairstyles You’ll Love

Alongside make-up and clothes, hair plays a key role in festive seasons. We’ve put together 6 easy hairstyles for any party.

Although we tend to favor clothes and make-up when it comes to a party, the truth is that a beautiful hairstyle can make all the difference in the look, enhancing it. That’s why, and because we want you to end the year on a high note, we’ve put together 6 tutorials on easy hairstyles to wear on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.

However, almost all of them are very versatile hairstyles that, once you’ve learned how to do them, you can recreate them for another event or occasion.

After all, a beautiful hairstyle has the power to either make the look like makeup. Therefore, do not neglect the hair??

The good part is that, as each of these tutorials has a step by step, it is very easy to recreate them. Yes, even for those who are not very good with hairstyles.

6 easy and cute hairstyles for the festive season

Portuguese youtuber Alice Trewinnard became known for teaching how to do easy and incredible hairstyles.

And, in this video, she shares a braided bun that works well with any hair type and immediately gives the look a more festive look. look??

Following the step by step, it’s not such a difficult hairstyle to do. So enjoy and knock it out.


ponytail with braid

If you have long hair and want to give it a more festive look, for the Christmas season ahead, be inspired by the second tutorial shown in this video by Gabriela Angeli.

Basically, you just have to make a ponytail and, in the hair that is left loose, a kind of braid. Although it is a relatively easy hairstyle to do, it works beautifully when combined with more basic pieces, or even with feminine dresses.

Try one of these easy hairstyles.

Whether you own a more classic style, or you are already a mature woman, there is no way to go wrong with a side bun.

Choose to leave it with a slightly “disheveled” effect (messy), and you will see how wonderful you feel. This type of hairstyle, in addition to being sophisticated, works well on any type of face and with any festive outfit. And, it’s really easy to do.

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For the most feminine and romantic, nothing better than betting on a crown of braids, to finish off the looks of party.

If you have doubts about how to make one, see the step by step. With the explanations and the guided tutorial, it becomes easier than it seems.

And the result of these easy hairstyles is really wonderful. To use and abuse looks festive.

Do you have short hair and don’t know what to do for the upcoming parties? Calm. In this tutorial, Brazilian youtuber Niina Secrets teaches you how to create a volume half tail that works perfectly on short hair.

Very easy to do, it’s a hairstyle that brings life to the face and goes beautifully with any type of look (yes, you can really wear this hairstyle on a daily basis).


bun on top of head

Another hairstyle that always works great during festive seasons is the bun on top of the head.

However, despite being one of those easy hairstyles to do for those with straight hair, curly or frizzy hair, making a bun can become a big challenge.

So, if you own any of the latter types of hair, follow this tutorial by afro youtuber Jacy July and you’ll see how making a festive hairstyle has never been so easy.

Ready to get compliments wherever you go?

As you can see, there is no shortage of good ideas for easy hairstyles for the festive season. Choose your favorites, and start training to recreate them now.

So, on the day of that special Christmas dinner or on New Year’s Eve, it will take much less time to do it, in addition to achieving an even more perfect result.

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