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6 disgusting things that happen when you don’t wash your bra often enough

Your bra needs to be washed more often than you think, unless of course you want to walk around with a hotbed of bacteria.

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Okay, hand on heart. When was the last time you washed your bra? It was probably way too long ago. There are probably many of us who are terrible at doing laundry on time. When there’s only ugly underwear left in the drawer, we know it’s time to start doing the laundry, then it might take a few extra days.

Enough that your bra doesn’t need to be washed as often as your sweaters, but the truth is that the closer you wear a garment to your body, the more often you should wash it. Here are 6 disgusting things that happen to your bra when you don’t wash it often enough, you’ll want to throw it in the washing machine right away.


1. Unpleasant things will collect on your bra
Bacteria, oil, dirt, lotion, micro-organisms, dead skin cells, fungus – these are just some of the lovely things your bra collects. The longer the time between washes, the more uninvited guests will set up camp in your bra.

2. Your bra will start to smell and transfer the smell to your clothes
This applies to everything from dishes to laundry, if they are not cleaned, they will start to smell. Your bra is no exception. Finally, your perfume will not be able to cover the smell. Wash it!

3. Your bra may become discolored
Your deodorant is a great friend until it starts to stain your pretty lace bra. Dirt and oil also stick to your bra, leaving stains that are difficult to remove. Apparently, the stains can disappear if you wash it with baking soda before throwing it in the machine.

4. You may get pimples
One of the reasons why you can get pimples is sweaty underwear, especially sports bras. Because a sports bra fits very tightly, all bacteria also come very close to the skin. When you move, the sweat and bacteria rub against your skin. If you don’t wash your bra after every training session, little red uninvited guests will soon appear.

5. You may get infections and rashes
Clothing is a common cause of skin irritation, sometimes because the garment does not fit, it has been washed with too strong a detergent and sometimes because the garment has not been washed. The area around the chest is also a wonderful place for bacteria and fungi. A dirty bra can irritate your skin.

6. Your nipples will start to chafe
Having chafing nipples sounds wonderful right? Not? Then you should take and wash your bra a little more often. Dry skin and sweaty clothes are a terrible combination for your nipples. As soon as there is a little moisture between the skin and your (dirty) bra, your breasts can start to chafe.

So how often should you wash your bra? Definitely at least once a week but preferably more often!


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