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6 crazy things about rock stars you need to know

Several rock stars are known to do crazy things while high. Some stories are so crazy that it’s even hard to think that it could have happened, while others, even though they are very strange, are confirmed by the rockers themselves. Check out the biggest craziness of rock stars.

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6 crazy things about rock stars you need to know

If you think you know everything about rock stars who likes it is very mistaken. In fact, you don’t know anything about them. Check out six crazy things that some rock stars already done that will make your hair stand on end:

1 – Ozzy Osbourne

In the 1980s, the then lead singer of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, only thought about alcohol and drugs. One night while he was stoned, his wife Sharon decided to hide all of his clothes so he couldn’t leave the house when he woke up and felt the urge to drink. Despite his wife’s efforts, the rocker was overcome by abstinence and didn’t think twice before dressing up in his wife’s dress and leaving the house to look for alcohol.

2 – Sid Vicious

sid vicious

The Sex Pistols singer injected water from the toilet with a syringe in his arm (Photo: Disclosure)

The bassist of the famous band Sex Pistols ended up committing insanity by injecting toilet water with a syringe into his own arm. After seeing that his friend Dee Dee Ramone had injected heroin in his arm, he decided to be more radical and went to the bathroom, collected some of the water that was in the toilet, mixed it with the drug and then used it. Three years later he died of an overdose.

3 – Wendy O. Williams

The singer liked to perform naked (Photo: Disclosure)

The singer liked to perform naked (Photo: Disclosure)

The rocker who rose to fame as the lead singer of the punk band Plasmatics, enjoyed smashing instruments and anything she saw on stage, as well as singing naked. In the middle of the performances, the singer liked to insinuate sexual intercourse and masturbate in the middle of the songs. In addition to singing, Wendy had also participated in a pornographic film and ended up committing suicide in 1998.

4 – GG Allin

GG Allin has even defecated on stage (Photo: Disclosure)

GG Allin has even defecated on stage (Photo: Disclosure)

The metalhead GG Allin had a very strange behavior on stage and was arrested an impressive 52 times, for his bizarre acts on stage. Among his favorite antics were singing totally naked, defecating on stage and then throwing it at fans. As well as using the microphone to smack himself in the face and self-sodomize himself.

5 – Nick Cave

Nick Cave

Nick Cave was one of rock’s weird singers (Photo: Disclosure)

The leader of the bands Birthday Party and Bad Seeds, wrote beautiful lyrics that spoke about love, religion and even violence. And in the midst of one of his worst bouts of heroin addiction, he was seen writing a letter in his own blood. The vocalist was sitting on a bench in a thin and sad London tube, where he used a syringe filled with his own blood to write a letter.

6 -Beatles


And the last of the follies of rock singers can be considered the most elevated of all, but as it was starred by the darlings of international rock, it deserves to be on this list. Legend has it that the Beatles would have smoked a joint on Buckingham Palace🇧🇷

The young people were waiting to receive the Order of the British Empire medal, directly from the hands of the Queen of England, and in the midst of so much nervousness, they decided to go to the nearest bathroom and light a marijuana cigarette to relax. George Harrison denied the episode, Ringo Starr said he didn’t remember because he was high.

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