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5G iPhones and iPads cannot be sold in Colombia • ENTER.CO

Starting today, July 11, it will be prohibited to market iPhones with 5G technology in Colombia. The Civil Court 042 of Bogotá determined that the sale and purchase of these cell phones will be illegal after Ericsson sued Apple. The lawsuit is related to a patent with 5G technology granted to Apple in 2019 by a Swedish company.

The preliminary order issued by the court affects the commercialization of iPhones and iPads with 5G technology, that is, they cannot be imported or sold in the country. This was determined because the sale of the products violates claim 13 of a Colombian patent essential to the 5G standard and which was precisely granted to Ericsson in 2019.

Under the order, Apple will also have to “warn and communicate” with retailers, social media platform owners, stores, media outlets and e-commerce platforms to ensure compliance with the new rule. The move comes before at least six months of Ericsson’s lawsuit against Apple.

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Among the affected devices are the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and yes, the next iPhone 14 could not reach the country either. Among the iPads we find the most recent ones such as the iPad Air 2022, iPad Pro fifth generation, iPad Mini sixth generation, iPad Pro third generation, among others.


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