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+50 Female Haircuts 2022

You polite of hair feminine will bring together a variety of styles, from short, medium to long. But this time the strong visual trend will be medium with movement. The undercut style is mostly used on fine hair for more volume. Medium hairstyles are also suitable for any type of face shape.

Photos Haircuts (photo: Disclosure/Google)

trend with Photos curly or curly hair. Medium cuts, with layered cuts, will be a very popular women’s hair trend this year. This shape will give the wires more movement, which will result in a better fit.

Haircuts are an element that can change the appearance of any woman. Its design takes into account the type of hair (straight, wavy or curly) and facial features. Seeking to understand the main trends is also an important criterion. If you’re looking for men’s tailoring, we also have a great selection to inspire you.

Women find ways to keep their hair nice and stylish. Follow the 2022 Recommendations:

Women’s Haircuts | This year’s hair trends

Trends in women’s tailoring are announced at major fashion events such as SPFW and Fashion Rio, but also at beauty shows, especially Hair Brasil.

In the coming year, women should also be aware of the hairstyles of celebrities, namely actresses, presenters, singers and journalists who appear on television. These media personalities are always launching the cut and color trend.

Long bobs were a 2016 sensation, but they should remain strong in 2022 as well. The cut is nothing more than a reformulated Chanel, with the front longer than the back.

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messy hair – Check out

Tousled hair is a technique that can be applied to long or medium hair. She recommends that the strands be slightly fluffy and slightly curled at the ends. Another feature of the cut is texturing with mousse or pomade.

blunt cut

Hairdressers rely on the 2022 “blunt cut” trend. The idea is to make hair more relaxed, rebellious and textured. The grunge style is expected to replace the look of women who embrace this trend.

blunt cut

Another style that will be popular in 2022 is the blunt cut, a straight and simple shape that is shoulder length. This style is perfect for women with straight hair, which creates a lined effect.

Pictures Short Haircuts

Photos Short Haircuts (photo: Disclosure/Google)
Photos Short Haircuts (photo: Disclosure/Google)

Short haircuts for women are also in full swing in 2022. A practical and simple look, short hair is still in trend, especially in summer. Highlight the short bob cut with chin-length length. The front is slender, with a shallow beak. The back is close to the nape of the neck. The ends will also be pointed or cut.


In the past, short haircuts were limited to older women and were often associated with masculine styles. However, the reality today is quite different. The girls adopted pixie hair, a short Joãozinho hairstyle, all disconnected.

Short hair is simply a woman’s head. The most daring and modern prefer to stick to Joãozinho, a very abbreviated and refined style. Those looking for style and practicality prefer to go with the most diverse Chanel.

The Joãozinho cut is more refined and is also considered a strong trend, as well as Sophie Charlotte’s short haircut, she stands out with a beautiful cut. The strands are shorter at the back of the neck and on the sides, while the chains are longer at the top of the head.

Check out photos below – Medium Haircuts

The expectation is that the medium cut will be successful in 2022, and it is recommended that the hair is always cut from the chest up. The strand can be straight, but the ideal is to make a spike to give more movement to the strand. A medium cut is very democratic, that is, it suits any face shape and all hair textures.

Medium, shoulder-length cut, perfect for women looking for a basic, understated look. The hair can be cut with the underside straight or layered, it’s up to each woman. The cut is also fun because it can be done with a variety of bangs.

Check out in full Long Haircuts – Cutting Trends

The photo trend for long hair maintains a layered look. Also worth noting is the v-cut, which has been so popular over the past decade and somewhat forgotten, but the trend is making a resurgence in women’s tailoring in 2022.


Waist-length hair is not the trend for 2022, but some women prefer to keep it long. The ideal length should not exceed the bra line and need to keep the bottom straight. (The V-cut has been around for a decade.) To make your hair lighter, it is important to cut your hair on the strand.

An example of the growing popularity of long hair among Brazilian women is actress Isabel Drummond. She platinumed her hair and lengthened it with extra long hair. The long cut by Leticia Birkheuer, from the soap opera “Império”, also received a lot of criticism because it was completely frayed in the front and had a straight base at the back.

Photos and Trends – Haircuts curly

Curly hair is back, and it’s back in 2022. The trend is that women are increasingly embracing natural hair. So the curls will be more pronounced. Get inspired by the most diverse styles that will be leaders for women.

Short, medium, long, long or short formats with mismatched and spiky locks, without symmetrical hairstyles. The tendency is to allow the volume to gain space and peak, giving more movement to the thread.

A style that should also be paired with curly or wavy hair is bangs. Who says this hairstyle can’t have bangs? Not only can it, but it will be one of the curly hair trends of 2022. Flexible, lightweight, diagonal stripes.

The best women’s hairstyles for every face shape

When choosing a hairstyle, the first thing you need to pay attention to is your face shape. Check out these tips:
round face.

Cortes em camadas são a melhor maneira de enquadrar seu rosto e suavizar as maçãs do rosto proeminentes. Por outro lado, ceroulas e franjas desfiadas não são opções favoráveis.

Square face

Peça um corte em camadas e franja fina para um visual mais sofisticado. Não é adequado para franja pesada e reta.

triangular face

 Para disfarçar, franjas laterais e bobs cônicos são recomendados. Cortes de desgaste excessivo devem ser evitados.

oval face

Esse formato é o mais democrático e combina com todos os tipos de cortes.

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