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5 (unexpected) reasons why you get pimples

Do you get pimples despite doing everything right? In fact, it could be that it is the thing that you least suspect is causing those annoying little pimples on your face. We list 5 things in your everyday routine that could be the culprit in the drama.

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1. Toothpaste

If you often get pimples around your mouth, you should think about your bathroom routine. Do you brush your teeth before or after you wash your face? According to the skin therapist Jill Kibildis should you always brush your teeth before washing. If you don’t wash your face afterwards, toothpaste residue can remain on your skin which causes irritation and also bacteria from your mouth which can cause you to get pimples.

2. Hair products

The foaming ingredients in your shampoo, such as sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, can leave a surface on your skin where bacteria can grow. The oil in your conditioner clogs the pores, if you want to avoid pimples it may be a good idea to wash your face after washing your hair. Styling products can cause pimples in your hairline and on your face, so after using styling products you should preferably wash your hair before going to bed.

3. Pillow case

The body’s natural oils and the products we use during the night end up on the pillowcase. Then also remember that you rub your face against it every night. Then it is not so surprising that the skin can get enough. Change the pillowcase at least once a week and turn the pillow after a couple of days.

4. Technology and sunglasses

Dirt, oil, sweat and bacteria from your hair and hands collect on your mobile phone, headphones and sunglasses. If you don’t know where your pimples come from, you’ll probably find the answer here. Clean them regularly with disinfectant to avoid unwelcome guests.

5. Towels

We know we should clean our makeup brushes and sponges regularly, but you probably forget to clean the towel with which you wash off your makeup. As soon as you have washed your face, throw the towel in the wash.

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