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5 unbelievable and magical places not to be missed in the Azores

Do you like to venture through verdant mountains and lakes? Here are the 5 magical places in the Azores that you should include in your itinerary.

It’s no secret for the Portuguese, or for those coming from other corners of the world, that the Azores are an archipelago of infinite charms sown in the blue of the Atlantic.

Its nine islands, predominantly green, are home to a wide variety of species of fauna and flora and stage for natural phenomena that give rise to unique landscapes in Planet.

Today, we suggest you here 5 magical places in the Azores where nature will surprise you in all its splendor. If you can, travel between islands for a more complete view of the richness of the archipelago and have fun exploring different landscapes, aromas, flavors.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bag, prepare your camera and enter this verdant Universe adrift in the ocean.

5 natural paradises not to be missed in the Azores


Poça de Simão Dias (Sao Jorge)

This is the largest natural pool on the beautiful island of São Jorge and one of the most beautiful in the entire archipelago. Located in Fajã do Ouvidor, in the parish of Norte Grande, Poça de Simão Dias has crystal clear waters and mild temperatures, being the perfect place to cool off on sunny days.

The outline of the rocks, black and irregular, makes this a magical, enigmatic place and, without a doubt, one of the places not to be missed when visiting the Azores.


Caldeira Velha (Sao Miguel)

Caldeira Velha in the Azores

Classified in 2004, the Natural Monument of Caldeira Velha is an area with an exotic environment in Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, where you will find three thermal pools of inviting waters and a pedestrian trail.

Take the opportunity to observe different species of flora native to the Azores, such as Heather, and get lost in the flights of Kites and Chaffinches.


Aveiro Waterfall (Santa Maria)

Aveiro waterfall in the Azores

This is one of the most famous spots on the island of Santa Maria and certainly one of the most beautiful. The Cascata do Aveiro, located on the southeast coast of the island, is about 110 meters high, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Portugal.

At the base of the waterfall, there is a lake that is not very deep, where several ducks gather, and, on one of the banks, there is an area for picnics. Here, tranquility reigns and there are few sounds other than those of the waterfall itself.


Canary Lagoon (Sao Miguel)

Lagoa do Canário on the island of São Miguel

In São Miguel, housed in a volcanic crater in Serra Devassa, there is a beautiful lagoon 800 meters above sea level.

An integral part of the Parque Florestal da Mata do Canário, the lagoon is surrounded by endemic flora typical of Macaronesia, creating one of the most beautiful landscapes on the island and sowing in those who contemplate it a feeling of true tranquility.

Also inside the Park, we suggest you go up to the Miradouro da Grota do Inferno, for a delightful view over Lagoa das Sete Cidades and other lagoons on the fascinating island of São Miguel.


Poço da Alagoinha (Flowers)

Poço da Alagoinha in the Azores

Also known as Lagoa das Patas, Poço da Alagoinha is a place of unique natural beauty found on the island of Flores.

Here, Nature will dazzle you with green mountains and a majestic lagoon, supplied by several waterfalls that run down the cliff, coming from a tributary of Ribeira do Ferreiro and other springs.

It is an adventure to get there and it is not possible to take a bath, as the well is too swampy, but we assure you that it is still worth the visit. With more or less breath, with or without baths, this is a small paradise in the Azores that should be part of your itinerary.

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