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5 Typical things to avoid in a relationship that tend to break them

Why the love that one day burned with infinite passion fades is one of the great mysteries of life.

What prevents us from maintaining the passion, attraction, admiration and closeness that we once felt for our partner? We will never know, although well, always Betting on one of the bad habits that we show you below will not be a bad idea.

Here are 5 common elements that are repeated in any breakup:

1- Running too much

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We already know this story: two people meet, fall madly in love with each other from the first moment and end up spending a dreamy night. The connection is evident, they seem to be two soul mates. They soon see it clearly, it is impossible for them not to share the rest of their lives.

Well, the truth is that it is necessary to let time pass so that two people can get to know each other better. It is good to let the fire of passion pass before making such important decisions. In general, it works best to go slow and let the relationship evolve.

2- Going too slow

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Things should move on physically and emotionally once the couple has settled down and decided what their interests and aspirations are. If this evolution does not happen naturally, it is very possible that over time it will generate boredom or lack of interest in the couple.

3- Lack of time to be together

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We all fall prey to a fast-paced life that leaves little room for ourselves, but the only way to show another person that you care is to make time for them.

Relationships need involvement and care. It is like a plant that must be watered every day in order for it to grow. Plus, letting your partner see that you’re making an effort to be with them makes them feel special to you and not just another activity to cross off your schedule.

4- Accept the routine

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Think back to the early days of your relationship, the days when you only thought about how to make the other person feel special. If you lose that feeling and replace it with the idea that you no longer have to work for your partner’s affection, the relationship will become monotonous and fail.

5- Living only around your partner

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Having a partner does not mean that you have to sacrifice your life to dedicate it to the other person. A relationship should not absorb a relationship, it should complement it to increase happiness.

The moment you sacrifice your interests for another person, you get into a whirlwind of discomfort from which on many occasions you only get out by abandoning your partner.

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