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5 Typical things that make you gain weight when you are in a relationship

When we start a relationship and everything is going smoothly, you begin to notice that your body is gaining those kilos more than you always wanted to lose.

That this happens has an explanation and only you are capable of solving it before it worries you in the long term.

The reasons why we gain weight when having a partner

The most curious thing is that it seems that the kilos measure the happiness of a couple and your weight increases the more comfort you feel in the relationship.

While this happens in couples who lead full lives, the unhappiest couples stick to their weight normal throughout the relationship.

You can take all the kilos in the world, but as much as that means happiness in your partner, it is not good for your health. So you must get down to work to eliminate that extra weight.

The main reasons why this occurs are, first of all, for comfort. once you get married with your partner and life settles down, you tend to gain weight because you know that the union will be ‘until divorce or death do you part’.

After all, you and your partner accept and love each other as you are, so why not take on a few extra kilos?

Visits to the dietitian as a couple to regulate their diet are increasing more and more, so be careful, you don’t want your relationship to be the next.

Another reason is arguments and difficult situations. The anxiety and stress produced by these situations, can lead to a state of anxiety that makes you attack the fridge at the wrong time.

Control conflicts and take control of your relationship to prevent being overweight from taking you by surprise. As long as you’re happy with your bodies, that’s enough, but always within healthy limits that do not prevent you from seeing you well.

Did you know what were the main reasons why couples gain weight? Do you do any diet with your partner?

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