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5 Typical Things That Give You a Belly and How You Can Get Rid of It

Although we always use the expression “beer belly” to refer to that fledgling belly that seems to grow without limit, the fact that fat accumulates in the stomach area is the result of something more complicated than simply drinking beer, although that helps.

So how come you seem to get rounder as you get older? And how can you get rid of it?

1- Genetics is an important factor


Unfortunately, genetics is a very important factor even if for many people it is somewhat unfair. Some privileged people can eat junk food all day and not gain an ounce while others put on a pound just by looking at a piece of candy. Each body “decides” to store fat differently.

2- Gender also influences


Men and women tend to store fat differently. “Men tend to store the gauze in the belly area, leading to the typical association of the beer belly with the male gender,” said Dr. Grunvald. Women for their part tend to store more fat in the buttocks and thighs, in addition to the belly.

3- Beer is probably not the cause


Although there seems to be a relationship between beer consumption and the appearance of a beer belly, scientific studies have not found any evidence to support this popular belief. Some Czech researchers even they discovered that beer consumption has nothing to do with being overweight. Other study found that heavy drinkers did display above-average weight regardless of the type of alcohol they consumed.

In short, you probably can’t blame beer for your belly instead of six pack abs.

4- Age makes everything worse


The aging process can have many other consequences, weight gain being one of them. Metabolism slows down, making it easier for us to gain weight.

“For women, the big turning point comes with the onset of menopause,” says Dr. Grunvald. “As women get to that point, body composition changes, fat storage is more accentuated in the belly rather than the butt or thighs.”

5- The most influential dietary cause is sugar


It is very easy to be wrong, although the expression “beer belly” alludes to the fact of drinking too much beer, diet is the most influential for our body, since through it we ingest the calories that end up in our belly.

Our body breaks down each energy source differently, and consequently also stores them differently. As a result, the biggest culprit for showing a bulging belly is the uncontrolled intake of sugar and carbohydrates.

The lifestyle we lead in general influences the way we store fat, if you sit all day, eat processed foods and drink beer every day of the week, you probably facilitate the development of a beer belly.

How to get rid of the beer belly


Here’s the good news! As is always the case, the best way to get rid of a round tummy is to prevent it from appearing in the first place. “Prevention of weight gain is the best thing to do,” says Dr. Grunvald.

If unfortunately you have failed in the prevention and you already have a considerable belly, do not worry, there are some ways to eliminate the extra kilos in a more or less effective way.

Reviewing the diet is usually a good start, although you probably already know this. You should pay special attention to vegetables, healthy fats and carbohydrates. The practice of exercise is also very important, high intensity interval exercises are usually the best option to eliminate belly fat, especially if your body has some resistance to insulin responsible for synthesizing sugars found in the blood and that will later make up your belly fat.

In general, the best way to reduce your waistline is simply to lose weight, since you cannot selectively eliminate fat. Reducing your beer intake is probably a good idea but certainly not a panacea.

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