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5 typical day-to-day mistakes that cause us to get migraines

That excruciating headache that this common neurological disorder sometimes causes you is due to various factors that you can take control of if you put your mind to it.

Sometimes the most normal symptoms are nausea and eye area discomfortand although you cannot get rid of this pain so easily, you can lessen it.

Reasons why you have migraines

1- Temperature changes

Humidity and very sudden changes in weather can be your worst enemy if you have a migraine. Air pollution too may be to blame for your headache intensifying.

2- Food


Diet influences the general functioning of your body, but it can also cause your biggest migraine attack. There is a list of foods that will make the pain progressively increase and, among them, are the nuts.

Cheese, nuts or some types of preserves have a common factor: tyramine. It is a component that makes your headache soar and the migraine attack much worse, so avoid them.

3- State of mind


All moods that have to do with stress or sadness are the worst enemies of your head.

The strength you make when crying or raising your voice when you get angry they are not the best option for the headache to go away.

4- Hormones


This factor affects, above all, women. When a drop in estrogen levels During the days before menstruation, it is very common for migraine not to let you think. She tries to take it easy and relax.



Do you want to get rid of headaches? Forget about this delicacy! Chocolate has an ingredient that is capable of causing a migraine attack almost instantly.

What this substance does is close off blood vessels preventing regular irrigation and causing you that discomfort.

Did you know what the causes of this disorder were? Do you think your diet can have an impact on pain?

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