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5 trends 2017 for interior decoration

How about changing the look of your home, taking inspiration from the main novelties of the season? Check below 5 trends 2017 for interior decorationand learn which styles promise to be successful in the coming months.

5 2017 trends for interior decoration (Illustrative Photo)

Starting the new year by modifying your home decor is a great initiative, especially for those who want to breathe new air in 2017. That way, you are already starting to get inspired for changes in other aspects of your life.

And if you are in doubt about what style to adopt in your property, the tip is to check the decor trends 2017which bring good alternatives to give your residence a new face.

What this article covers:

5 trends 2017 for interior decoration

Which are the interior design trends 2017🇧🇷 Below we will comment on styles, colors and materials that promise to be in trend in the coming months. Some of them are old acquaintances and will continue with everything, while others are starting to gain preferences.

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Metallic details add extra charm to the space (Illustrative Photo)

Quite high among fashion trends, style is also starting to gain strength in interior design, helping to add modernity, sophistication and innovation to your property.

You metallic details in the decoration they can appear in various spaces, whether on the living room wall or on decorations in the bedroom, for example.


Notice how the cork walls are quite functional (Illustrative Photo)

The use of cork in decoration is not something new, but for this year, the material appears as a big bet. In addition to bringing a different hue to the wall, it contributes to the absorption of sounds and allows you to create a huge mural to post notes, photos, etc.

scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style in decoration gains even more strength (Illustrative Photo)

Scandinavian decor is another clear choice for 2017. It is characterized by white walls, simple lines and silhouettes, a large presence of flowers and plants, objects and ornaments made with recyclable material and the rustic style🇧🇷


The exposed bricks are still high (Illustrative Photo)

Replacing the lighter and colder tones, the warm colors, like Terracottaarrive with force in decoration 2017. Following this line, a good bet is on exposed bricks, success in previous years, which is still on the rise.

Rustic furniture

Rustic furniture gives a calmer atmosphere to the environment (Illustrative Photo)

For those looking for peace and tranquility after a tiring day at work, the tip is to create a quiet corner at home, decorated with rustic furnitureanother of the main trends of 2017.

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