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5 tips to take advantage of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API, is the version of the Meta messaging service that was born in 2018 to facilitate business communication. This organizational and multi-agent option allows you to automate mass communication processes, centralizing customer care and service to provide a timely response to the needs of consumers of a brand, product or service.

With a presence in more than 100 countries and with more than two billion users on a global scale, the main advantage of WhatsApp Business is to offer the possibility of having an easy-to-manage channel that is specially designed for a company’s customers, with the so that it achieves assertive, automated, personalized communication with no limit to the sending of messages.

This year the application has not stopped releasing new features, and one of the most recent was a tool that integrates three advanced filters to facilitate the search for information. But how exactly can you take advantage of this service in general? We spoke with Lizeth Ocampo, Project Leader at Sigma Móvil, to establish five uses that you can give to WhatsApp Business to improve your communication with your clients and obtain the best metrics for your business or enterprise.

1. Create quick responses to streamline the communication process

Being a channel to start a conversation with your customers, WhatsApp Business allows you to establish your communication flows to deliver timely responses. However, and according to Ocampo, to avoid sounding like a chatbot that is frustrating to interact with, you should try to write your messages with a very natural language to generate greater trust and closeness.

2. Complement your communication with other tools

WhatsApp Business facilitates omnichannel communication. This allows not only multiple people to chat from the same number with different users at the same time to redirect conversations effectively; but also, you can optimize communication with your users, integrating your own CRM’s, e-commerce, calendars, shipping and dispatch logistics systems. All in real time.

3. Personalize your messages and send them massively on WhatsApp Business

Through WhatsApp and its decision trees you can qualify your contacts and establish a communication flow with other channels, which will allow you to send information to your users according to their needs and clearly the objective of your strategy. Personalizing your messages will improve your customers’ sense of attention, which will surely influence their own loyalty.

Four. Create decision trees according to your business objective

According to Ocampo, Sigma Móvil customers have AIO+ as a complementary plan; which includes, among other things, WhatsApp Decision Trees. This tool will help you discover the true intention of your customers’ questions, so that you or your agents can give them the right answer.

Thanks to this service, you can guide your consumers through different options without the direct intervention of a person (or chatbot), response times in conversations can be reduced and the flow of communication is immediate.

“A well-structured decision tree will help reduce inquiries made by phone, mail and chat by 70%,” says the expert.

5. Send multimedia content

Multimedia is all the rage and to verify it, it is enough to see the change that platforms like Instagram have had in their change of format. If before this app was for uploading and sharing photos, today it is for posting videos. Multimedia consumption is becoming more and more popular, so you can integrate this type of more dynamic formats in your communications to broaden and complement your strategy, massively from WhatsApp Business.

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