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5 tips to protect your feet from the cold

On winter days, it is essential to avoid the effects of low temperatures on the body. Learn how to protect your feet from the cold.

Protect your feet from the cold is one of the pieces of advice given by Civil Protection whenever the temperature drops. The truth is that the extremities are the parts of the human body that are most affected by the cold. This is the case with the nose, hands, feet and head.

This happens because the blood is channeled to the vital organs and, therefore, it ends up having more difficulty reaching these areas.

How to protect your feet from the cold


keep well wrapped up

One of the main recommendations, and also more general, is that you should dress well, which means protecting yourself well from head to toe. The most correct way to do this is by wearing several layers of clothing, instead of just betting on a thicker piece.

In this way, you will be able to maintain a homogeneous body temperature. However, you should be careful to avoid tight clothes that hinder blood circulation.

Another way to protect yourself from the cold is to wear warm socks. Sometimes there is a tendency to wear two pairs of socks in order to protect your feet from the cold. However, this may not be the most effective way to keep your feet warm.

By wearing two pairs of socks, you will be conditioning foot mobility, thus increasing circulation problems, which will make your feet even colder.

One of the solutions is to use, for example, wool socks. On the other hand, you can always reinforce it with insoles and there are also wool models here.


Choose comfortable shoes

In addition to socks, another way to protect yourself from the cold is to wear comfortable shoes. On colder days, you should avoid making your feet feel cramped, so that blood circulation is not conditioned.

On the other hand, you should give preference to shoes with rubber soles, as they help protect your feet from the cold. If you choose wellies, choose a model that has the interior reinforced with fur.


practice physical activity

On the coldest days, it is important to avoid doing exercise on the street. You can and should exercise, but it is recommended that you do so indoors.

On the other hand, another way to protect your feet from the cold, especially for those who cannot exercise, is to make small movements with your hands, arms, legs and feet, let alone opening and closing your hands, or rubbing one into the other, in order to activate circulation.

Finally, we recommend a pleasant foot bath. This little treat for your feet will help you to warm your feet and relax at the same time. Therefore, it is advisable that you use this homemade recipe before going to rest.

As such, using lukewarm water, make a flavoring mixture, adding, for example, lavender essential oil and a hand full of rock salt. By combining these ingredients you will be protecting your feet from the cold, as you are activating circulation.

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