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5 tips for setting up yours at home

Who would say that Easter is already coming, sweets, chocolates, rabbits, eggs, everything reminds us of this very important date for the Christian calendar. Easter remembers the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the resurrection. The date brings many symbolisms that refer to the moment and serve as inspiration for people. Wanting to decorate the house, for most it is fundamental.

Easter tree for decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Why decorate the house for Easter

Decorating the house for Easter makes the atmosphere celebratory. Not only do adults love it, but kids love it too. The most important commemorative dates are Christmas and Easter and it is on these dates that people take the opportunity to make decorations and make the house beautiful and inviting. If you want to decorate your home for Easter and still don’t have any ideas, check out some that we’ve selected for you.

Easter eggs in the window (Photo: Disclosure)

1st tip: Eggs in Easter Decoration

You can take the shells from chicken eggs, wash them, let them dry. When opening the eggs, leave a larger opening to fit a sprig of flowers. Pass a colored ribbon, as shown in the image above and attach to the window. The decoration will be beautiful, besides being simple and cheap;

Easter wreath (Photo: Disclosure)

2nd tip: Easter Wreath

The Easter wreath is the easiest decoration to make, you can use different materials. In this one that we are going to teach here, eggs will also be used, which can be those made of plastic, which you buy ready-made in craft stores. You can also find the wreath ring at the store or you can make it at home with dry twigs.

Make a circle out of the branches, or get a ready-made hoop. Start by gluing the colored eggs, with hot glue, next to each other. Then glue some green sprigs and flowers. Finally, glue a nice ribbon bow, leaving a long end to hang on the door.

Easter nest with basket

3rd tip: Easter baskets

Easter basket nests are beautiful and can be placed on the table. You can use a nest you have at home, buy a felt rabbit and colored eggs, then fill the nest with straw, or whatever you think is best. Place the rabbit in the center and the eggs around it. Glue a green sprig to the basket handle to add more joy. Your decorative nest for Easter is ready.

Easter Bunnies (Photo: Disclosure)

4th tip: Rabbits in the Easter decoration

Rabbits are essential for decorating Easter, as they are the symbol of such a festive date. Every Easter decoration must have rabbits, you can buy them ready-made or make them at home, as you prefer. The important thing is that they are present in the decoration of the environments.

Path to the entrance of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

Tip 5: Entrance to the house

The entrance to the house must be inviting for everyone to want to enter, right? So make some bunny pranks that show the way so that the children can get to the house and discover all the delicious surprises that are waiting for them. It will create suspense and a certain magic stirring the imagination of children. Even adults will love it.

Hope you enjoyed our tips. Happy Easter

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