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5 tips for maintaining privacy on the Internet

Maintaining privacy on the Internet can be quite difficult these days, but we have tips that can help you stay anonymous.

Do you know how maintain privacy on the internet? I’m sure you’ve lost count of the times you’ve given your name, emailaddress and many other things.

And on social media? How often do you reveal where you are and what you are doing? Have you ever thought about the dangers this entails?

5 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet


Don’t reveal more than necessary

Imagine that you are walking down the street and are approached by a stranger who asks you where you live, how old you are, what is your cell phone number… What would you do? He didn’t answer any of those questions, right? When sharing information online, always remember that it is available to the entire world. Yes, even when limiting privacy on social media.

Ever heard of phishing? Similar to the English Fishing which means to fish, the objective of phishing is exactly this: to “fish” for information. It can happen in different ways such as messages through social networks, SMS and even by email.

For example, the user may receive a “disguised” email from the bank with which he has an account and where he is invited to upload an address and provide various non-transferable data. The easiest way to identify if you are being targeted by phishing is by reviewing the address of the website you accessed. It can be very similar, stay alert and learn to protect yourself.


Use incognito modes

From the list of most used browsers, Firefox and Chrome allow the user to browse anonymously in order to maintain their privacy on the Internet. It doesn’t protect you 100%, but it already helps you to go unnoticed for some more compromising activities. Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N.

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Ever heard of Tails? Tails’ motto is “Privacy for Everyone, Everywhere”. It’s easy to use, very secure and lightweight. And it will absolutely help you to maintain your privacy on the Internet. It’s a small operating system that you can keep on a pen drive and which you can access whenever you want to “go unnoticed”. you can stay learn a little more about Tails here.


Update antivirus and all software

When programs are released on the market, they contain security flaws that can compromise your security and privacy. Always keep them up to date, as manufacturers often release updates that fix these same flaws. The same goes for your antivirus, always keep it up to date with the latest viruses. And always have the Firewall turned on.

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