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5 Things you should take daily to fill yourself up and get an easy flat tummy

Many times we do not know what to eat and we tend to go fast and in most cases it is not the best option because it is what is most fattening.

In this list we are going to show you the foods that are most satiating and that have hardly any calories, which makes them in your perfect allies if you want to take care of yourself.

Many times we do not know exactly what we eat

1- Rice

Rice is a perfect complement to all meals or to eat on its own. It has hardly any calories and is enormously satisfying, which will make you feel full for longer. You can accompany it with salad, or with turkey.

2- Potato


The potato is like rice, it can be used as an accompaniment to many meals. The ideal is to eat them boiled, since it is the option that has fewer calories. Also, it will satiate you for a long period of time.

3- Avocado


Avocado is a healthy option for breakfasts and snacks, as it can be put on toast or salads. It has about 160 calories per 100 grams, but they are totally healthy and necessary for our body.

4- Oats


Oatmeal is an ideal cereal for breakfasts, as it has hardly any calories and is very satisfying. Also, it is good for intestinal transit and it is diuretic. You can put it with a little yogurt or incorporate it into your smoothies.

5- Eggs

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They are a very versatile food because they can be consumed in many ways and also do not even have 100 calories. You can cook it and eat it with a little salt, or grill it to accompany your meals. Either way An egg provides multiple beneficial nutrients for the body.

What do you think of these foods? Are you going to incorporate any into your diet? Tell us in the comments!

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