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5 things to do with the last full moon of 2022

A full moon occurs every month, approximately every 28 days, and marks the end of the lunar cycle, but the one we will see this Wednesday, December 7, which by the way is known as the Cold Moon or Snow Moon, it will be more special because it is the last of 2022.

These lunations stir emotions and feelings, astrologically, it is explained because the natural satellite of the Earth governs our inner self, in addition, full moons always occur when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun, that is, in opposite signs.

The full moon of December 2022 occurs in the sign of Gemini and while the Sun transits through the territories of Sagittarius.

What can we do to harness the wonderful energy of the last full moon of 2022? With simple rituals you will make a difference and you will be able to say goodbye to the year in the best way.

1. Body and home cleaning

A full moon is the ideal time to clean house, body and mind. According to the astrologer María Rosales, these days we have a great accumulation of energy that can make us act in an exaggerated way. For this reason, on her online site horoscopomariarosales.com she recommended doing energy cleansing rituals, which can range from praying, lighting incense or even taking a bath with sea salts, basil and rue.

2. Analyze pending tasks

A full moon allows you to see how have you progressed and there’s no perfect time to know where you’re standing than the last full moon of the year. Think about which goals you have met, which ones you need, those that are most important, and those that you hope to achieve next year.

3. Relax and enjoy your loved ones

The astrologer pointed out that emotions are more intense on a full moon, so the most prudent thing to do is relax, think and take advantage of this impulse of feelings to share them with our loved ones.

4. Do a meditation session

The full moon helps us with moments of self-reflection that can offer us the keys to see things from another perspective.. Meditation is the perfect activity to connect with your inner self and discover what is in you.

5. Charge amulets and crystals

In these lunar phases astrologers recommend charge our energy tools. This is done only by placing them in a place where they receive moonlight. Keep in mind that the energy of the Cold Moon is more powerful because it is the last of the year.

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