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5 Things that start to happen in the body when using activated charcoal

The activated carbon It is being widely used both in cosmetics and medicine. Its vegetable origin has many benefits which are usually attributed to the micropores that make up its surface, since they act as filters to trap compounds present in liquids or gases.

In addition, its detoxifying action allows absorb harmful elements such as poison and toxins. For all this it becomes one of the main ingredients of alternative medicine.

5 Uses of activated carbon that you did not know

1- Hangover

Although it is true that it does not absorb alcohol in the blood, its intake can promote the elimination of toxins. You must mix 10 grams of powdered activated carbon with half a liter of water. Mix it all well and drink it all when you have a hangover. Remember that you must ingest it in sips to be able to assimilate it well.

2- Blackheads


It has a great absorption capacity, making it ideal for purify the skin and remove waste that manage to clog the pores and therefore form those unwanted blackheads.

You must mix 5 grams of activated carbon powder with an egg white and two tablespoons of honey. When it is homogeneous, apply it on the area with blackheads, let it dry for 20 minutes and remove it carefully. Finally rinse the skin with cold water.

3- Insect bites


You can use activated charcoal externally to combat mild bites as it has anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce bruising and prevent allergic reactions.

Mix 10 grams of activated charcoal powder with 1/2 tablespoon of organic coconut oil. When you get a paste, rub the product into the bite and let it dry. To finish, rinse the area with cold water and repeat its use until you notice an improvement.

4- Bloating and gases


This product can prevent uncomfortable symptoms of indigestion, such as gas or bloating. You only have to mix 5 grams of activated carbon with a cup of water and drink it before copious dishesmaking sure that it is well dissolved.

5- drop


Activated carbon reduces gout-related pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects and also reactivates circulation in the area, decreasing swelling. Mix 50 grams of activated carbon with a liter of water. Dip a cloth in the mixture and rub it on the affected areas. Let it act for 30 minutes and rinse.

These are some of the many uses that we can give to activated carbon, so don’t you think it’s a good option? have it in our pantry For future occasions? So we could benefit from its properties when we needed it.

Did you know its properties? Would you use this ingredient? Tell us in the comments!

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