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5 Teachers Who Should Have Been Fired For The Classes They Taught

Life at school is not always rosy and despite the fact that for many its best memories were in high schoolNot everyone shares the same experience.

The students are the ones who, among themselves, give them a hard time most of the time, but many times the teachers have part of the blame.

What’s the worst thing a teacher has ever done to you?

Today we bring you 5 most unlikely stories, but that took place in a school classroom between a student, with special needsand a teacher who did not know how to manage them.

1- The cheater hearing aid

Aaron Yoo (photo not original)

On one occasion, my friend Henry was accused of wearing wireless headphones by the surrogate, so she asked him to remove them and turn them in.

Later, she asked him a question, but he didn’t answer. He made it screaming, but still did not respond. She asked why she wasn’t answering and he said, “I can’t hear you, you took my sonotone off.”«.

2- Pick up your exam

caleb maclennan (photo not original)

On one occasion we had a substitute holding papers with the day’s homework while calling your name to pick it up, saying mine I asked if someone could pick it up for me and He began to make fun of me for not wanting to get up. He asked me, mocking, why I didn’t get up for the paper.

My classmates kept quiet and after the teacher laughed, someone informed him that the wheelchair at the door was mine.

3- No sugar

Alden Chadwick(photo not original)

My sister has an insulin pump and on one occasion during an exam the substitute teacher she was watching ripped it off thinking it was a cheating device. He soon discovered her mistake, when my sister started bleeding and the device began to beep uncontrollably. Chaos reigned and my sister, before leaving for the infirmary, told her partner: “Tell the next substitute that I will need extra time for the exam.”

4- Vomit quietly, please

Andy G. (photo not original)

During one class, I noticed a sugar rush (intermittent cold sweats, brief blackout, vomiting, and finally, a massive failure ending in death). I knew that I had to go to the infirmary as soon as possible, but my teacher will not stop repeating that I will remain silent until the end of the class.

After momentarily losing consciousness, I tried to get him to let me go, but he told me to shut up, so I vomited on my desk and yelled, “LET ME GO.” The teacher told me “SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND PAY ATTENTION”. Finally he let me out, but I was too disoriented to know where to go, I got to the infirmary, but passed out at the moment.

They called 911 and I was dead for 5 minutes before they brought me back. If it comes down to my teacher, they would never have gotten me back.

5- IN-security control

Imogene Huxham (photo not original)

After the Colunbine school bombings, my high school put a metal detector at the gate. Everyone had to pass their belongings. After a couple of days, a teacher removed a student’s insulin pump because he thought it was a weapon, despite the fact that both he and his sister insisted on pointing out that he needed it to live.

Luckily, not all teachers are that evil, there are some who care, and a lot, about their students and above all about making an entire generation aware of the problems of bullying. This teacher has revealed the definitive tactic to end bullying and bullying, the apple method.

Have you suffered bullying at school? Have you felt discriminated against by teachers?

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