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5 stores where to find the cheapest

Essential for dealing with low temperatures, coats don’t have to cost a fortune. See where to buy at good prices.

The autumn and winter season brings us back to the gray days, with a working fireplace and warm chestnuts, when you only feel like leaving the house if you wear boots and coats for the cold🇧🇷 Now, it is this last item that we are going to talk about.

Do you think, stop having a beautiful coat, comfortable and warm need to spend a lot of money? Well then, let yourself go.

Nowadays, there are already many stores that offer winter coats at affordable prices, and that doesn’t mean they are ugly or of poor quality. In fact, just be attentive and spend some time researching the stores to realize that it is possible to make good finds, at incredible prices.

To help you with your shopping mission, where saving matters a lot, we show you some stores where you can buy cheap and stylish winter coats.

Check it out and stop making excuses for not creating wonderful looks this season.

5 stores where to buy cheap winter coats

Take advantage of low prices to buy those winter coats you really need.

When we talk about affordable clothing, it’s almost impossible not to mention the Irish brand Primark.

In fact, there you can find nice and warm winter coats to face even the coldest days, from 25 euros. From parkas to overcoats, there are choices for all tastes, styles and ages.

This one, for example, has a classic cut which makes it quite versatile. To use every day until spring.

brown coat

With curly fur effect, to create incredible outfits in cold weather.


Did you know that at La Redoute you can find beautiful and cheap pieces for the cold autumn days? And that includes, of course, winter coats.

So, it doesn’t matter if you own a more classic or bold style. On La Redoute’s website there are options for everyone, because we all deserve to be warm and wonderful this fall.

This coat, for example, does not reach 50 euros.

Classic cut overcoat

Warm and comfortable, it comes in 3 colors: navy blue, black and grey.

Price:from €41.24

C&A is also full of super beautiful and affordable pieces for the cold and rainy days that come. Yes, the German brand has several cheap clothing items, including warm and cute winter coats.

This one is quite versatile and works well both in work looks and in outfits for days off, when you want to be more relaxed.

The best? It doesn’t even reach 50 euros.

Fur coat

Perfect for cold days.


autumn-winter closet

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Kiabi is also a store that offers excellent choices at low prices when it comes to winter coats.

If you have a very limited budget, or if you’ve decided that this year you want to spend little money on clothes, it’s worth going there.

You will, for example, find this warm winter coat, which you can wear with everything, for only 40 euros.

And if you are at this point and think that your size may not be yours, because it is plus size, know that Kiabi works with large sizes. In other words, there are coats for everyone.

So, whether for work, going out with friends, going for a walk with the kids or going out to dinner with your partner, this is really a winter coat worth having in your closet.

Black jacket

Versatile and warm.
Available in black and beige.


Although Bershka is aimed at a younger audience, if you go to the store and look carefully you will find that you can find interesting and very affordable pieces.

As is the case with this coat that is a great ally to face cold days, whether rainy or sunny.

And the best thing is that because it is a versatile coat, you can easily use it both to go to work, to go for a coffee with friends or to go for a walk with the family to a nearby city.

Still not sure whether Bershka is worth checking out next time you go shopping?

blue overcoat

To give joy to the gray days. Various colors available.


Article originally published December 2021. Updated November 2022.

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