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5 simple rituals to purify yourself spiritually with nature

Just as the wind cleans pollution, trees purify the air and sea currents the ocean, the elements of nature can also help us to purify ourselves spiritually through simple rituals.

The negative energy that charges the aura is absorbed from external agents that we collect daily because this etheric body has the ability to send and receive energy. This is how we are affected by the emotions of other people and can cause an imbalanceGeorge Lizos, a spiritual healer and geologist, told Mind Body Green.

Although there are many ways to cleanse our energy, such as asking for help from our spiritual guides, tools such as candles, incense or pendulums, as well as energy baths, a powerful and simple way to do it is by using the gifts of nature.

The energy healing expert shared 5 ways to purify ourselves using what is available on Earth.

1. Baths of sun, moon and stars

It consists of using the energy that the stars emanate to heal what is inside us. He explained that if we place ourselves under the sun’s rays we will clean our thoughts that prevent us from expressing ourselves; the light of the moon, especially when it is full, will balance our spirit, and the stars will eliminate obsessive attachments and strengthen our connection with the universe.

2. Spiritual cleansing with flowers

The flowers that grow in nature are tools that will help us work with our emotions. He explained that the next time we are in a field of wildflowers we try to mentally connect with its energy by imagining that its spirit comes to us and floods the heart with light. This procedure can help us release repressed emotions.

3. Spiritual purification with the wind

The wind is associated with thought, beliefs and other mental functions. Its energy can help us remove what limits and overwhelms us. The ritual consists of going out and placing ourselves where the wind caresses the body, closing our eyes and asking the spirits to recalibrate our thoughts and eliminate the negativity of the aura.

4. Spiritual cleansing with water

Water not only removes physical dirt, but also spiritual dirt. Energetically it can remove the emotions and negativity that we absorb on a daily basis. All we have to do is get into a natural body of water, such as a spring, river, waterfall or the sea and visualize how it purifies our energy.

5. Walking barefoot

When we have the opportunity to be in nature, we must take off our shoes and plant our feet on the ground by making two small holes. Close your eyes and ask the Earth to cleanse your energy. The core of the Earth is the one that runs the system of nature, so it may be able to purify your core.

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