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5 simple Feng Shui tips that help call money from home

Every day there are more people who claim to be experiencing a positive change in their lives thanks to the adoption of the Asian philosophy projected through Feng Shui..

Those who have dared to believe that through small actions, such as the distribution of furniture in the home, the orientation and color of the objects they generate harmony in spaces, they also point out that positive energy flows, attracting money almost in an inexplicable way.

In this sense, They propose at least five simple tips that must be put into practice to make paper money flow in any house where it is required, but more than rituals, they are directed habits to attract good luck and fortune.

Keep the house clean

According to Chinese philosophy, andOrder and cleanliness are essential for a space to receive good energy. So each object in a home must be in an appropriate place so as not to create chaos.

Obviously, the less hygiene there is in a space, the more difficult it will be to attract money, which leads to dusting, sweeping and mopping more often.


Due to the warmth and diversity it projects, the color green is related to life. For that reason, By placing some plants such as bamboo and basil in key points of the home such as the living room, positive energy and money will not cease to be present.

quartz at home

Quartz are essential to attract fortune and good luck, so by placing them in some points of a house they will work as money magnets.

Another alternative is to pour these minerals into a pot of water and drink the liquid in the mornings after a new moon cycle.

Open windows

A good way to burn fortune every day is by opening all the windows in your home every morning. However, these must be closed before sunset, otherwise, just as the positive energy entered, it will end up leaving with everything and someone’s dreams of having money.

Avoid water leaks

Although Feng Shui states that water should flow, when it is through a water leak, you practically turn your back on prosperity. because he considers that said action is detrimental to the balance in the universe.

In this sense, a possible response to the lack of money could be behind a leak that has not yet been detected in the pipes of some homes. If so, you have to call the plumber to repair it immediately.

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