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5 Signs that the body sends to know if you are the bearer of family Karma

Eye color is not the only thing we inherited from our parentsbeyond the genetic load that they transfer to us, we inherit another set of aptitudes and qualities that cannot be quantified, but that are there.

From the obsession with cleanliness, to always being late or the passion for sports, these are aspects that you learn while living together, but others seem to come innate in each one of us.

How much do we inherit and how much do we learn? Some say that many of the behaviors are inherited through family Karma, but…

What is Family Karma?

Family Karma is a ancestral heritage of your blood ancestors. The most spiritual people carry with them your family’s Karma DNA and they keep it very present throughout their lives. These “energetic experiences” can be passed on physically, verbally, energetically, or subconsciously.

Based on this idea, it makes sense that the behavior of your great-grandfather, uncle or cousin would be passed on to you without you ever knowing that person. The typical moment that your aunt tells you that you laugh just like your grandfatherwhom you never met.

How to know if you carry family Karma with you


If you suffer any of these 5 symptoms, you may be the one Bearer of Family Karma:

1- You are the most spiritual and you care about your relatives


Are you in contact with your earthly and spiritual emotionsbut you always put the wishes of your closest relatives before your own.

2- You feel that you are very different from your family


By carrying the legacy of several generations, you feel different from those around you, who have only inherited a few aspects of the bloodline.

3- You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders

You feel responsible for everything that happens around you, like a patriarch watching over his family. On many occasions so much concern materializes in small illnesses that have no explanation. A headachesome of fever either discomfort general.

4- You are frequently involved in strange family matters


You don’t know how to say no to any member of your family, which leads you to live totally absurd and unusual situationsbut the family is there to help each other.

5- You see the familiar pattern and want to change it


You recognize the signs that you have inherited from your ancestors and you want create your own story to contribute something new and better to the family Karma and that your descendants are better.

Not only is the good inherited in family Karma, there will also be things that you want to get rid of, luckily, the sins of your ancestors will not come to be charged on you.

Are you the bearer of family Karma? Do they tell you that you are the spitting image of one of your ancestors?

share it with your family to find out who is the bearer of family Karma!

Source: healthy-holistic-living

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