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5 secrets to make the small apartment look bigger

Small-size properties have taken over cities, and anyone who lives in one knows that organizing space is complicated. To help with this task, let’s count 5 secrets to make the small apartment look biggerwhich you can see below.

5 secrets for a small apartment to look bigger (Illustrative Photo)

Finding a way to organize furniture, decorations and other things, while still leaving considerable space for people to circulate is something difficult to do in small apartments🇧🇷

But the good news is that there are some tricks to gain space in cramped apartmentswhich appear as good allies of the people who live in these modern and increasingly smaller properties.

What this article covers:

5 secrets to make the small apartment look bigger

How to make a small room look bigger🇧🇷 There are several simple solutions, widely used in the decoration of small apartments, which help to give a greater sense of depth and gain space and comfort in your home.

Let’s go to them!

use mirrors

The mirrored images give the illusion that the space is bigger (Illustrative Photo)

One of the main tips to increase the feeling of depth in small spaces is the use of mirrors. A mirrored image creates the feeling that there is more space in the room, in addition to reflecting light and brightening the apartment even more.

invest in lighting

Abundant lighting is also essential (Illustrative Photo)

The brighter the home is, the more spaces it appears to have. To do so, invest in white light bulbs and cold LEDs, enhance natural lighting, with glass windows and long light curtainsand choose light tones for the walls, floor and decorative elements.

The help of external landscapes

Do you have beautiful landscapes around your property? Cherish them too (Illustrative Photo)

Is your apartment surrounded by mountains, mountains, parks, lagoons, beaches or any other external landscape full of beauty? So, make it an extension of your home, betting on glass windows and doors, which allow you to better visualize these beautiful outdoor scenarios.

Make good use of your right foot

Huge bookshelves give the feeling that the environment is much bigger (Illustrative Photo)

Shelves or niches that go from the floor to the ceiling not only allow you to store a lot of things, leaving free space in the environment, but also create the illusion of more space and greater height.

Less is more

Invest in minimalist decor (Illustrative Photo)

Minimalist decoration is another great ally for those who live in apartments with limited space. Following the concept “less is more”, only use what is necessary in the environment and invest in multifunctional furniture🇧🇷

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