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5 safety precautions before buying online

The virtual environment is gaining more and more space in our daily lives. Several people choose to shop online, right from the comfort of their homes. But imagine going out with a high loss during a purchase? We separate the 5 safety precautions before buying online so as not to fall for internet scams.

Unfortunately, many people have gone through this. With the rise of the e-commerce sector in Brazil, consequently, the number of frauds and scams also increased. In this short article, I will give you tips on how to have security on your computer and in your purchases and not encounter problems when buying online.

What this article covers:

Internet fraud and scams in online shopping

In recent months, more than 12 million Brazilians reported having witnessed some type of coup?? This number corresponds to 46% of people who use the internet to buy online.

Most reports show non-receipt of products, merchandise other than the one chosen and the credit card cloning?? But they are not the only scams that are circulating on the internet. Below you will have access to the main ones, to get rid of a future headache and how to avoid them.

Top scams on the internet

  • As mentioned earlier, one of the most frequent is the non-receipt of the product. Can you imagine waiting for days, with that anxiety of being able to have it, especially if it’s something very special, and that product never arrives? The frustration is very great;
  • Auctions with prices much lower than usual;
  • Paying for some service and not having it performed;
  • The well-known “Nigeria Coup”, receiving emails requesting international transfers, having acted as a mediator;
  • phishing: in particular, one of the most common forms of internet fraud.

It uses e-mails, pretending to be a well-known institution, usually banks. It is worth remembering that no banking institution sends emails or messages to your cell phone with supposed discounts and invoice delays. Other forms that can be found are:

  • malware: Once these links are accessed, they install themselves on your computer, having access to your saved data;
  • Appearance of forms asking for bank details;
  • Counterfeit Internet Banking pages;

How to avoid and keep your data safe

The main way to escape scams and fraud is to keep your device up to date, whether it’s your computer or cell phone. With the software update up to date, it will be responsible for removing any fault or program that has been installed without you noticing.

Another key tip is to have a great antivirus program, which will ensure the scanning of any unreliable program that tries to access your system.

How to choose the right store to buy online

After staying connected to the tips for not falling into a scam, it is interesting to pay attention to how the product is being publicized.

  • Preferably stores that bring a photo of the product, without being amateurish;
  • Chats to clear any doubts;
  • Keep an eye out for past consumer reviews of the product;
  • Have all emails exchanged with the store;
  • Don’t fall for miraculous promotions;

After analyzing correctly, and having confidence that the site guarantees security when buying online. To help you with more benefits and leave jumping with joy, the golden tip is to use online vouchersis an online and secure form of payment, accepted in many sectors.

Use them only at authorized dealers, and when you go to make a purchase, be aware of their points of sale, so as not to fall into a hole; Keep all your data for yourself, and do not share it with anyone else;

Where to use Vouchers

For those who still have doubts about this term, I will explain it to you as briefly as possible, so that you can easily understand and make use of it, particularly an incredible tool.

Vouchers is an English term, which means receipt/document. He is responsible for proving payment for online purchases and also entitles you to use services. They are usually used by companies that seek to offer discounts on their products and services, which most attract their customers. In Brazil, it is better known as a discount coupon.

Finally, it is of paramount importance that you pay attention when buying online any product that you like. Follow the tips mentioned above and don’t be in a hurry when making any kind of purchase, so as not to fall for the scam of fake websites?? Always look for sites you trust, or people close to you.

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