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5 rituals to light the flame of passion with your partner

If you need help from the universe to rekindle the passion with your partner, when things seem to be cold and in intimacy an invisible wall seems to rise that separates you and prevents you from fully enjoying yourself, rituals can be an alternative option to rekindle the flame of love.

It is natural that the enthusiasm and delivery is not the same as at the beginning of a relationship. Marriage therapists, such as Gary Champan in his book “The Languages ​​of Love”, explain that the stage of falling in love usually lasts a maximum of 2 years, after that period we take off the blindfold, we see how that person really is and it will be the decision of each one to love her just as it is

There are times when a little push is needed to realize that love is there and it only takes a spark to light the flame of passion.; for this we can resort to rituals. We have selected for you 5 of them that are very flexible to do if you want extra help to strengthen your ties as a couple and surrender to passion. For these recipes to have a greater effect, make them on Fridays, a day that is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

1. Tie with honey and cinnamon

Moorings are powerful rituals to strengthen the bonds of love with the couple. For this particular one you need a photo of you and another of your partner where they are alone and separately. Spread honey and sprinkle cinnamon powder on each image. Paste them face-on and place them in a clear container. Hide it in a place where no one will see it; If you wish, you can do the ritual as a couple.

2. Ritual of the red thread (in pairs)

When we are in a relationship, we create an emotional bond with her, this is represented for the purposes of the ritual, with a red thread, the color of love and passion.. It is important to know that the recipe must be made as a couple. Using a red ink pen, write your full name on a separate envelope.

Rub your name with a rosemary and a coin and have your partner do the same. Say your partner’s name out loud 4 times, on each repetition look north, south, east and west; your partner should do the same with your name.

Put the coin and laurel that you rubbed on your behalf in your partner’s envelope, and vice versa, your partner’s coin and laurel in their envelope. Tie both hats together with a red thread and place them on top of a red candle. Light it together with a match and let it burn out completely.

3. Ritual of the pink candle and the letter

The pink candle symbolizes the tenderness of love. To carry out this beautiful ritual you must find a letter that your partner has written to you in his own handwriting. Read it aloud and when you finish, light a pink candle and place it on top of the page.

4. Ritual with basil for passion

Place a couple of basil leaves on one of your garments and another pair on one of your partner’s garments. If you wish, you can use photographs according to the comments of the MamásLatinas.com site. Leave the herbs overnight and then place them under the ridges of each of you.

5. Purification ritual with bay leaves

This purification ritual must be performed when you notice that negative energy is causing a short circuit in your relationship. In a clay pot, place a bunch of bay leaves. With the help of a charcoal, light the leaves and when it smokes, go through the bedroom. Open doors and windows so that the smoke collects the energy.

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