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5 rituals that must be done during Lent

Lent began on February 22 with Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday. Although they are not exactly 40 days, in the Bible the 4 symbolizes the material universe and the 0 the time in earthly life, that is why it is present in its numerology in important events such as the 40 days of the flood, the 40 days of Jesus in the desert and the 40th anniversary of the march of the Jewish people through the desert, among others.

Currently, Lent is a period of reflection for followers of the Catholic religion. It is when they get closer to the divinity of God and the appropriate time to purify the faults committed and grow spiritually, explained the Anahuac University in an article.

It symbolizes receiving God at home, not only at home, but in the body itself, so some rituals must be done throughout the time that Lent lasts to prepare for its arrival. Next, we tell you 5 of them.

1. Fasting or abstinence

The custom of fasting, although in the literal sense it means having only one strong meal skipping breakfast, spiritually it symbolizes penance. For example, leaving behind hatred, grudges, envy, revenge, anger and other feelings that harm the heart. Some people even stop consuming or doing something they like to atone for their sins. The most popular is to stop consuming red meat.

2. Giving alms and charity

Alms is a gift given selflessly to the Church as help, but this ritual in Lent does not necessarily symbolize giving money to the needy, it means offering a hand to those who need it most through advice, offering forgiveness and sharing joy, among other things. kind.

3. Prayer

Prayer makes the heart cleaner and purer, which is why it is one of the most important rituals in Lent as it prepares the body for the arrival of God. This must be done sincerely, honestly and daily.

4. Wear purple

Purple is the color of penance, austerity and symbolizes mourning for the death of Jesus. Many believers use to dress in this tone during Lent.

5. Eat fish

The custom of eating fish in Lent is still entrenched in much of society due to the “prohibition” of red meat on Ash Wednesday, every Friday of Lent, as well as Good Thursday and Good Friday.

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