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5 recommended cell phones for less than $900 thousand pesos (January-July 2022)

The telephone industry is one of the most renewed, so much so that at least twice a month we see new cell phones. Manufacturers are concerned with giving the user a device with the latest features that fit a certain price; for this there is the ‘middle range’ and ‘high range’ that determines to which category each cell phone belongs.

Today at ENTER we select the five cell phones that, we believe, are positioned in a good position in the mid-range taking into account their characteristics and that, in addition, are within the reach of any pocket. Without further ado, these are the cell phones that came out in the first half of 2022 that you can find in the market for a value equal to or less than 900 thousand Colombian pesos.

Nokia G11 Plus

Nokia announced this phone in early July, the Nokia G11 Plus. Building on the success of the G series, this device comes with updates that guarantee durability, the benefits of Android 12 straight out of the box, and a long-lasting battery capable of keeping the phone going for at least 3 days. You can know all the details of this cell phone on our portal.

Nokia G11


Although this brand is little known, its phones still have no complaints. It promises an excellent gaming experience at a moderate price. In addition, the company guarantees a long autonomy thanks to its 7,000 mAh battery that is powered by a 33W fast charging cable and is compatible with 10W reverse charging. Learn about all its features here.


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Moto G22

In general terms, the G22 motorcycle is a team that offers what is necessary at a fair price. We have a 6.5 pixel screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The frame around the equipment is a bit thick, but at least we do not have a notch, but the main camera is a punch type. Get to know all its specifications on our portal.

motorcycle G22

Realme C35

At the end of April, Realme presented the Realme C35 in Colombia, a cell phone designed to compete in the VAT-exempt cell phone segment, with the promise of a camera capable of surpassing the average through the use of AI. To do this, it has a 50MP lens, a 2MP macro lens and a 0.3 MP depth lens. If you want to know what your processor and battery watts are, you can check them here.

Realme C35

Redmi Note 11

What is remarkable about the team? It comes with an AMOLED screen and a 90Hz refresh rate, so there’s the promise of a very good screen for watching videos. The phone offers not-so-new but sufficient specifications for a price of $750,000 Colombian pesos. Meet him here.

cell phones

Images: manufacturers mentioned /Unsplash

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