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5 Quick tricks to clean your oven and leave it like gold jets

Today it’s time to roll up your sleeves to clean the oven, so let’s put on our rubber gloves and like true professionals, let’s leave the oven as new.

It’s actually easy to keep it clean, as long as you do. regularly. And remember, cleaning the oven is essential for its proper functioning and, of course, to prevent our food from becoming contaminated and having health problems.

Here are 5 tricks to keep your oven always bright and shiny:

1- Clean it after each use

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It may seem obvious, but something as simple as cleaning the oven after use will ensure that dirt does not accumulate.

And not only that, in this way charred fat and food remains they will not embed making it much easier to get it ready to cook again.

If you do it regularly, a small scourer and a little detergent or dishwasher will be more than enough to maintain the hygiene of your oven once it cools down.

2- Remove the trays and grids

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In order to carry out this task more quickly and efficiently, it is recommended remove trays and removable parts. You can lather these separately in the sink or a basin, and then clean them with a cloth and a grease remover if possible.

3- Gloves and masks for personal protection

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On too many occasions we overlook how harmful some items can be for cleaning our kitchens and bathrooms. For this reason it is highly recommended that you use some gloves resistant that protect your skin and a mask that avoids the inhalation of the toxic fumes that you release certain cleaning products.

4- Do not forget the home remedies

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As we’ve already mentioned, many of the products used to remove grease from our appliances can be quite toxic, so it’s always a good idea to try natural alternativesmuch less harmful to our body.

One of the best known is a paste resulting from the combination of water, baking soda and salt. Once this paste is prepared, apply it generously inside and outside the oven, inside and on the door panes. Let it act for an hour or so and remove the remains with the help of a damp cloth. As a final touch, soak a cloth in a little vinegar and remove any remaining dirt.

5- Lemon for bad odors

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However you decide to polish your oven, you can put a wonderful end to the cleaning process with something as basic as a lemon.

Do you want to get the most out of your lemons?

The trick is the following: squeeze the juice of a couple of lemons and bake it for a half an hour at a temperature of 250 degrees approximately. Once the time has elapsed, take out the container with the lemon juice and that’s it. The device will be like new!

Remember that the fundamental thing is to avoid the accumulation of work, so after each use take a few minutes to give it at least with a damp cloth.

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