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5 plants that will help you attract money in this 2023

Plants are elements that bring a touch of nature to the home and at the same time beautify spaces, but in addition to these benefits, they can be excellent energy conductors to attract money and prosperity.

According to Feng Shui, plants help create a harmonious atmosphere at home and promote positive energy, likewise, they purify the room environments and allow a good vibrational flow.

There are a wide variety of plants that we can adopt and we must select them according to the place where we want to place them, as well as the meaning they have. For example, cacti are good at absorbing bad energy, but they should not be placed indoors, except in kitchen windows or workplaces.

Now, if your goal is to attract money, some are perfect for promoting a prosperous environment at home, because vibrate in tune with the energy of wealth. Next, we select 5 that should not be missing in your home in this 2023.

1. Basil

A pot of basil will not only allow you to spice up your homemade dishes, it will also bring balance to your life and good luck. If you feel that the atmosphere in your home is tense, place one in the kitchen or living room. This will promote good energy and, consequently, success, according to the expert Aida Espiritual commented on her YouTube channel.

2. Ferns

The ferns are in charge of purifying the environment of negative energies and scaring away the evil eye. At home they help us to transmute energy, that is, they absorb the bad vibes and return it in good energy around us. Place it at the entrance of your home or near a window.

3. Jade or money plant

It is one of the most powerful plants to attract abundance, because as its name indicates, it is in tune with the energy of money. Its leaves resemble coins and it is said that whoever owns it will have economic prosperity. It is believed that its power is more effective if it is given as a gift by a loved one, if you have one, try to place it in front of a mirror to double your income.

4. Bamboo

It is an easy-care plant that attracts fortune and positive energy. In Feng Shui it is considered a lucky charm. and protects against attacks of envy. Bamboo is one of the few plants that is recommended to be placed inside the bedroom because, among its properties, it is to promote a good rest.

5. Plant telephone

It is an indoor plant that has the ability to absorb the bad energy that we bring from the outside. It should be hung in the corners of the homeso we will keep the environments with good energy and we can attract prosperity.

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