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5 pieces for a perfect winter outfit – with trendy favorites from Arket

Warm, stylish and functional – here is our recipe for a winter outfit that meets all requirements for style and comfort, all with the help of the season’s best-looking garments from Arket!

Photo: Arket

We can all need a little inspiration for outfits during the winter months as we constantly struggle with the challenge of dressing warm enough for the cold Nordic winter. But creating a stylish and warm look doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated – all you need for a perfect outfit is, in fact, the following:

1. A winter jacket

Whether you choose a stylish down jacket or a classic winter coat, this is a given in every winter outfit.

2. A cozy knitted sweater

A warming garment that you can adapt to both the office or a night out with the help of the right shoes and accessories.

3. Tailored trousers or/and jacket

A pair of relaxed, tailored trousers is one of the trendiest items of the year. A blazer over a miniskirt and knitted sweater is also super stylish!

4. Boots or boots

Chunky-soled boots are super hot this winter, and a pair of dainty boots is perfect for a more dressed-up look.

5. Accessories

Top it off with a cozy hat, scarf and mittens – and you’re done! Check out our winter favorites from Arket below for a high-quality winter wardrobe that feels right in any weather.

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