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5 Movies with unexpected endings to destroy brains

There are happy endings where the lover goes to the airport at the last moment and stays with the girl, sadder endings in which our beloved protagonist dies and nothing can be done to avoid it and endings for oblivion where everything ends up doing it wrong, like resurrecting the hero who seemed dead at the last moment.

The good thing about this is that you finish and that’s it, you don’t keep thinking about all the details of the movie to know if it really is the ending that you think or is something totally different, but there are movies whose final plot is so complicated that you end up watching it 5 times to understand it.

Movies with endings that will leave you thinking

1- Origin

Legendary Pictures

The ending is not the only confusing thing about this story that takes us into the world of dreams.

In this case we find an apparently happy ending, our protagonist has achieved his goal and it seems that he will be able to return happily with his family.

However, before seeing her children ready to throw the topit keeps turning and turning until the children arrive and Cobb forgets about it.

The image cuts off without knowing if it’s going to stop. Are you still in a dream? Does the top make signs that it is stopping? Only the director knows.

2- Shutter Island

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Paramount Pictures

Have you ever been asked the question of “Do you think he’s a monster or do they drive him crazy?«?

The story of some detectives who go into a psychiatric hospital to investigate a disappearance, ends up becoming an escape story where at the end it is discovered that Teddy, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, It seems to be a murderer who is interned in the psychiatric hospital.

Throughout the film we are given clues to believe both versionsin the end it all depends on what you think, we will never know if he really is or if they drive him crazy.

3- Donnie Darko

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Flower Films

A story about travels in the time and sinister rabbits that will not fail to confuse you from start to finish. In the end, our protagonist travels back in time to commit suicide and prevent his girl from dying.

However, all the signs, settings and characters that appear on the plot give us to understand that perhaps this was not the solution.

will never know for sure what happened once he committed suicideWhat if it’s all a dream and he really has gone completely mad? Who sees people dressed as sinister rabbits on the street?


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Regency Enterprises

Throughout the film we can see that the actor is completely losing his mind. In the end he decides to believe that he really is the superhero Birdman and jumps out the window to fly.

Everybody we think he committed suicide when we see her daughter looking down through the window, but she looks up and smiles leaving us with many questions in our heads, can she really fly? What is the girl looking at?

5- American Psycho

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Edward R. Pressman Productions

It stars a successful businessman turned serial killer no feelings. The film, based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, shows us a profile of a psychopath that we were not used to.

However, when the protagonist decides to confess everyone his crimes, he realizes that nobody cares, as if those people had not existed, and giving you to understand that everything was a figment of the protagonist’s imagination. But is it so or not?

Which ending is harder for you to understand? Did you understand them the first time?

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Cover Image Source: Regency Enterprises – Paramount Pictures

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