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5 most seductive zodiac signs

Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the most seductive zodiac sign of all? Well, if you answer the question yourself, there’s a 99% chance that you’ll end up calling yourself a flirt. And that would be because we all have a little bit of flirtation in us.

Harmless flirting is really a skill few possess. And if you have this skill and use it for good (i.e. to make your crush smile), we guarantee that you will end up with someone really adventurous in life (even if you don’t end up with your crush).

But back to the question, what is the most seductive zodiac sign of all? In astrology, one way to investigate the issue is to look at the sign of Venus. Venus in astrology represents love, harmony and romance. Having Venus placed in the house of love in Kundli helps bring out the best version of flirtation in you.

Houses in astrology also have a say in whether a person is a flirt or not. Here, the 5th and 7th houses have a role to play. For the unsuspecting, the fifth house in astrology is related to pleasure and therefore favors sensual flirtation. Meanwhile, the seventh house rules your close partnerships, specifically your romantic partners and spouses. When these two houses are influenced by positive planets, the combination helps the native to improve in all aspects of romance.

That would be a way astrology to check whether you have flirting skills within you or not. But also, there are zodiac signs who are born dating and don’t need such checks. Take a look:

1. Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

When Rachel said, “ this man is a great talker ”, she was referring to Gemini. And what Rachel fell in love with was Gemini’s ability to flirt effortlessly, that is, without looking nerdy. In astrology, Gemini is ruled by the sign of Mercury, which is the sign of communication. And that’s what makes a Gemini good with words, flirting like that. Geminis are one of the best conversation starters which only helps these people hone their flirting skills as what is a conversation without a capture line?

However, the good thing about Gemini is that they don’t just flirt for fun. They will only roam around you if they have something for you and won’t be shy about communicating it directly to you. This Gemini flirting skill also allows them to convince anyone and everyone.

2. Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

If the conversation is about love, romance, sex, or anything related, and you don’t include a Taurus, then, well, that’s not fair. Taurus is born flirtatious and probably one of the most flirtatious zodiac signs . Taurus overthinks the first move, but if you give them the green light, their way of putting the dirtiest puns into conversation will leave you surprised and shy. Taurus gets this amazing flirting talent from their ruling sign Venus, the planet of love and romance.

Venus also reeks of traditionality and therefore allows a Taurus to have an ancient way of doing things. So if you find their way of flirting different from others, don’t be surprised. Also, if you are looking for a relationship with Taurus, you will have to beat them in their flirting game, as only then will they find you interesting. Unfair but true!!

3. Libra (September 23 to October 22)

What does a Libran balance his good side with? Well, a mind having too many flirtatious fantasies. Libra is undoubtedly the most flirtatious zodiac sign, which is something they love. Like Taurus, Libra is also ruled by Venus, which plants the flirtatious nature in them. However, unlike Taurus, Libra’s flirting abilities only show up after they’ve fallen in love with someone.

In a relationship, Libras don’t like confrontation and therefore would use their flirting skills to please you. As an air sign, Libras know exactly how to weave their words together and make them sexy, which is another way to flirt with someone.

4. Scorpio (October 23 to November 22)

We don’t know where they’re getting that confidence from, but Scorpio uses both their words and body to flirt with you. Scorpio is the sexiest sign in the zodiac jungle and therefore flirting comes naturally to them. They aren’t afraid to say something that will make your heart beat faster. But but but!! If you think a scorpion will just flirt back when you make the first move, then you’re dead wrong.

In addition to being sensual, Scorpio is very shy and demanding as well. In fact, you won’t realize that they are the sexiest sign in the zodiac until they decide to show it to you. So if you are looking to contemplate the best version of a Scorpio or their flirtatious nature, you should leave a good impression of yourself in their mind.

5. Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

When it comes to romanticizing life, you know a thing or two, Pisces. Pisces’ traits of imagining the most romantic life for themselves help them with skills that can really make their love life amazing. The water sign has the twin personality of being the most innocent and even more flirtatious zodiac sign. Here, what Pisces’ innocent nature does to them is keep them from noticing that they’re being flirted with. However, they understand what a good romance looks like and are therefore able to choose the right way to flirt.

Pisces are generally shy when it comes to flirting. However, this often works in their favor, making them look cute and mysterious. If you think Pisces can’t compete with your flirting skills, simply try starting a conversation.

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