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5 most genuine zodiac signs according to astrology

Everyone wants to have someone they can call a close friend and someone to love and share their life with. But are we sure that the person we spend most of our time with and trust in our lives is really the same person we want us to believe? How do we know that the way they act around us are among the most genuine zodiac signs and have our best interests in mind? Well read on to find out.

We can never be sure that the secrets we are sharing with them will forever remain between us. However, it is true that as we spend more time with them, we get to know the real person and begin to build trust. But it sure takes time. So, we have listed below the zodiac signs that are genuine in nature and honest in their values.

Cancers top the list of the most genuine zodiac signs. They are very helpful and thoughtful people out there. Cancer men and women are ready to sacrifice their happiness to make the people they love happy. As the planet Moon rules these natives, they are very in tune with their inner selves. Also, they work to improve themselves and embrace their honest personality.

Cancer people care a lot about being true to themselves and appreciate those who do the same. So they are very emotional people and feel everything up close. These natives share their true feelings and emotions, no matter how insignificant the topic.

Why are these people genuine? It’s because, as an empath, they feel on behalf of others and know how their actions and words can affect their mental health. Since they have been subjected to mental abuse and are still enduring the pain, they are careful not to inflict the same pain on anyone else.

2. Capricorn

Capricorns never play. They are always honest and genuine about their feelings and intentions. Thus, these are one of the most genuine zodiac signs on the list. They like to live more traditionally and follow a very disciplined life. That’s why you can call them trustworthy zodiac signs too.

Capricorn men and women remain unabashedly honest. Even if the listener doesn’t like the truth, he is immensely responsible and lives a life of purpose. Also, they care deeply about the people they love. So they always want them to show their best, even if it has to be done with hard love.

Because of their guilty nature, they will never give up on a promise because their inner conscience won’t let them. Furthermore, they are such genuine signs in the zodiac that their promises are like words written in stone. Then they will fulfill them no matter what, even if they gain nothing from it.

3. Aquarius

Aquarius is known for being the odd one out. So many find them strange as they like to be authentically themselves all the time. These natives love their independence and bow to society’s rules. Also, these men and women love to march to the beat of their drums and don’t mind causing a disturbance. Because of their inquisitive nature, they meddle in things that aren’t allowed.

You cannot feed them knowledge and expect them to do what they say. If they want to learn about something, they don’t mind breaking it up into several pieces to discover its layers. In addition, Aquarius people are also stubborn and will never give up on a challenge if they have already decided.

On the other hand, they are very honest with themselves and with their thoughts and logic. Therefore, it is almost impossible for them to say or do something if they are not sincere. It’s not their style to lie or just pretend to be loved. If they don’t like what the rest of the group is doing, they will happily exclude themselves from the group and do what they think is right.

4. Aries

One of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, Aries will do everything on their card to get to their destination. They have a drive for success and will achieve it without losing themselves or their soul. Mars rules the sign of Aries, which symbolizes passion, anger and battle. This makes these natives passionate about life. So if they feel what needs to be done, they should do it. There is no other way to live for them.

Being direct, Aries natives will never deviate from what they want to say. Also, they must be blatantly honest about their opinions. Because of this, they seem rude and unbecoming to many. They won’t sugarcoat anything, and their brutality with words disorients people at times. So does the most genuine zodiac signs in astrology.

Another way of showing their genuine nature is that they never fake things. They must make sure that everyone clearly understands what they mean. Also, these people will make sure that if the truth hurts others, it is really part of their personality and they are not being mean.

5. Libra

Libra men and women are very passionate about everything in life. When they love, they love hard and deeply. So these natives are very motivated when it comes to what they want and put their heart and soul into achieving it. Your sense of justice is strong. Therefore, they want everything to be fair.

Also, like their genuine nature, they have multiple proofs. They have a very peaceful nature and want everyone around them to be satisfied and happy. Libras don’t like to brag about themselves and want everyone to see them as equals. Therefore, they are on the list of the most genuine zodiac signs and attract people who only have the same qualities.

People can see Libra manipulate someone for their good, as their moral conscience doesn’t allow it. So the thought of someone thinking of them as manipulative and deceitful is the most terrifying thing that can happen to them. So these natives try to be honest and genuine to avoid such misunderstandings.

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