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5 models that make you dream

Do you dream of having a luxury suitcase? Check out 5 Louis Vuitton models that will definitely make it to the top of your wish list.

Let’s be honest: we all love accessories that make us feel beautiful and powerful. And if you dream of having one Louis Vuitton suitcasebelieve me, you are not the only one.

This empire has created, over the last few decades, accessories that are a real sales success and that make us really want them. The brand’s most iconic bags have become true classic and timeless pieces, which are often passed down from generation to generation.

If you are thinking of investing in your first luggage Luxadd another model to your collection, or simply dive a little into the Louis Vuitton universe, get to know the most prestigious and popular models of the brand.

The French luxury house has more than 168 years of tradition, and today it is one of the most renowned and prestigious fashion brands in the world.

The 5 most iconic Louis Vuitton luggage models

It’s natural to think of Louis Vuitton when we think of elegant, sophisticated and high-quality accessories.

His models have become timeless and unmistakable over the years. In fact, the brand is one of the few in the world to have its own print. Nowadays we find reissued versions of classic models, combining modernity and tradition.

The Louis Vuitton bags that we bring you are real consumer dreams. Fall in love!

Did you know that this brand model appeared in 1930, to make urban women’s journeys more practical, with the development of transport?

This leather handbag with the brand’s monogram is ideal for the day-to-day rush and is available in different sizes and materials to meet your needs.


This model is a true bestseller and was the brand’s first bag designed for daily use.

Price:from €1,100.00

This model appeared shortly after the Speedy, and its name was inspired by the Alma Bridge, which connects two emblematic Parisian neighborhoods.

With a more architectural and bold design, Alma is a bag that combines functionality and elegance. It has a double zipper closure and has two interior compartments.



It can be used on a day-to-day basis thanks to its long shoulder strap, or as a handbag for an evening out.

Price:from €1,300.00

Created only in 2007, this bag from the brand quickly became a it??bag??

As its name indicates, this model tote bag it is ideal if you tend to carry the house on your back, and very practical if you tend to travel.

Neverfull has gained several variations over the years, and has come up with different materials and prints in some special collections.

Currently, it is available in three different sizes, and its versatility allows it to be used on several occasions.



With double shoulder straps and a very spacious interior, it’s perfect for carrying all your belongings.

Price:from €1,450.00

One of the most recent creations by the French house appeared in 2013, and represents the street name of the brand’s first store.

This model, first appeared in the arms of Angelina Jolie, and today is one of the most sought after and coveted.

Practical and elegant, it promises to carry all your belongings, and is one of the brand’s models with the most variations.



If you are looking for a bag with elegant and spacious lines, this is one of the brand’s proposals.
It has a long strap so you can wear it as a crossbody too.

Price:from €4,500.00

This model is the result of the meticulous work of several artisans. Made from 18 different pieces of leather, it was designed to be a unisex accessory, with simple but futuristic lines.

It is available in two sizes, in a total of six different colors, and is an excellent option if you are looking to escape the more classic models.



This envelope model comes with a wide strap, so you can use it on a daily basis, and with a smaller golden chain, for a dinner for two.

Price:from €3,000.00

If you didn’t know about these it-bags yet, we are sure that now it will be difficult to get them out of your head.

It is no coincidence that these bags are coveted by thousands of people, some of whom are even on the waiting list.

Where to buy Louis Vuitton in Portugal

If you are looking to go beyond the dream and acquire one of these objects-desire, know that the brand has own store in Lisbon?? Unfortunately, the brand’s website does not deliver to Portugal – but a good trick is to order directly from the Lisbon store, by phone.

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