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5 mistakes you are making when choosing jeans

If you love jeans and can’t find ones that suit you, we reveal the mistakes you’ve been making when choosing jeans.

It’s natural for us women to look for a pair of jeans that fit us perfectly. But if you think that this is an impossible mission, you’re wrong and we’re going to prove it: see the mistakes you’re probably making when choose the jeans.

We all know how versatile and democratic jeans are. In addition to being comfortable, they can be used both in relaxed coordinates for a walk, as in looks for work or even to go out to dinner with your better half.

Learn in this article how to find the models that best suit you.

How did blue jeans come about?

Jeans are probably the most democratic piece of clothing ever. We owe their discovery, as we use them today, to Levi Strauss, who wanted to create trousers in a resistant and durable fabric.

created the jeans, the biggest apparel hit fashion has ever known. But choosing the right jeans for your body type might not be that easy. We’ve put together 5 tricks that will certainly help with your next purchases.

The 5 most common mistakes when choosing jeans


You are hostage to size

Often, obsessed with fitting into jeans of a certain size, we end up buying a size that is not ours and, therefore, too small for us. The perfect jeans are those that are close to the body, but without squeezing it. And without strangling the belly area.

So, don’t be hostage to the numbers and when choosing jeans, experiment until you find the one that suits you. A 38 that kills you is worth more than a 34 bursting at the seams.


Don’t know what your body type is

One of the most important tips when choosing jeans is to be aware of your body type. If you are one of those women who have a lot of hips, the bell bottom pants or flare will fit you better as they balance your body shape.

On the contrary, if you are thin or have long legs, skinny jeans, to the boyfriend jeans and the mom jeans it’s the models that will kill you.

Indeed, one of the biggest mistakes women make is not taking their body type into account when buying new jeans.


You are not choosing according to your style

Regardless of fashions and what everyone is wearing, one of the biggest tricks for any outfit to fit perfectly, including jeans, is to wear them with confidence. A confident woman conveys this through body language, which creates a visual effect that the outfit fits her better.

Therefore, always choose the jeans you like best and in which you feel like a diva. She goes to several stores, tries different brands and buys the ones that steal her heart. If she’s not doing it, she’s certainly making a big mistake.

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Have you thought about the height issue?

If, like most Portuguese women, you are short, be careful and avoid corsairs as they give the impression of being even smaller. Opt for models that elongate your legs, preferably with a medium waist, and watch out for jeans with too many details that will make you look even smaller.

On the contrary, if it is high, we have good news: you can use and abuse all models. If you want to make your legs look shorter, opt for low-waist models.

Remember that using clothes to your advantage, taking into account the body type of each one, is one of the secrets to always being well dressed.


Doesn’t care about washing

When it comes to jeans, washing is more important than how it looks. Regardless of the jeans you choose, if you have a few extra pounds, opt for darker washes that will make you look slimmer and, if possible, straight cut.

But, if your problem is being too thin, opt for light-colored jeans with large pockets that will create the illusion of being fuller and curvilinear.

Believe me, these are small details that will do her a lot of favor and make her feel even more beautiful.

Now that you know the mistakes you were making and how to choose your jeans, what are you waiting for to buy the next pair and rock?

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