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5 Mistakes that make your effort useless

A few weeks ago we explained to you that if despite the hours you spent in the gym, you still didn’t look like Michael B. Jordan in Creed, It’s because you had a feeding problem.

Today, we explain how not to ruin all your training with your bad habits. These are the five mistakes we make according to Men’s Health that you can avoid.

Mistake 1: Keeping your sports clothes on

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There is no room for discussion. Even if you feel like you haven’t sweated much. It is a nest of bacteria.

And also, resting with wet clothes can make you sick and also affects good circulation and therefore recovery. It is better to keep the muscles warm.

Mistake 2: invade the sofa

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We know there’s nothing better than kicking back on the couch and watching Netflix after a workout. But you should not succumb to temptation. To recover you have to keep moving.

Mistake 3: recover energy, but bad

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If you prefer to eat after exercising, wait at least 20-30 minutes. Otherwise, you can opt for foods that contain enough protein to meet your energy needs, such as a turkey sandwich, almonds, fruit or yogurt, among others. And drink some water.

Mistake 4: go to great lengths

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Since you are already full of sweat, you can take advantage and do anything right? Better not start mowing the lawn or helping a friend move after playing sports. First, because your muscles are tired because you are probably dehydrated and/or malnourished. There is no need to hurt yourself, for once you have a good excuse to get rid of it.

Mistake 5: Changing recovery times

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Treat your body with respect. Even if the exercise was “easy” or “quick”. Do not underestimate your efforts, recover correctly.

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