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5 Life insurance in Spain that protect your assets

contract insurance life in España is increasingly useful and beneficial to Spaniards, which shows that they are more interested in taking advantage of its benefits in the medium and long term.

Undoubtedly, life policies play a crucial role financially when the insured dies, is disabled or is diagnosed with a serious illness.

Basically, they cover the backs of the other beneficiaries of the insurance in risky situations, or definitive losses.

Reasons to hire these services

If you wonder why you should hire secaurochs de life in Spain you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and benefits it offers to your personal finances.

This will help you when choosing the one that will really serve you according to your current needs and conditions, as well as your future projection.

In theory, a life policy will prevent your relatives from incurring financial embezzlement, getting into debt, ask for money loansor are left economically unprotected.

Some of the scenarios in which this could happen are as follows:

  • Death.
  • Disability.
  • Serious or terminal illnesses.
  • Accidents.
  • Hospitalizations.

Therefore, these contracts are very important and you should not underestimate them for any reason or circumstance.

How does a life policy work in Spain?

The operation of these policies is easy and simple. You just have to research the market, contact the insurers that interest you and limit your options based on updated and truthful information.

Once you know which insurance company you want to work with, you must finalize the insured amount, as well as specify who the beneficiaries of the policy will be.

The latter will be compensated in the event that you lose your life, or that you suffer certain diseases or disability. This will allow them to have a kind of emergency money saving.

In general, the compensation is disbursed based on the time stipulated in the policy for each situation. But these periods vary from one insurer to another.

Having life insurance in Spain can be a great relief for your loved ones because you will not subject them to additional moments of anguish, or financial stress, in case something happens to you.

Life insurance in Spain that you should know

how to choose life insurance in spainToday we would like to share with you five insurance options life in Spain that you should study in detail. Especially if you plan invest money in them coming soon:


It has been operating in the Spanish market since 1980 and its main products are its insurance of:

  • Life Risk and,
  • Life Savings.

They are designed to protect you and support your family members in the most difficult moments, including those in which you could suffer:

  • Permanent or absolute disability.
  • Serious diseases, such as cancer.
  • Although they also apply to cover mortgage expenses.

Some of their plans also include coverage for psychological treatment, or legal assistance (if necessary).

2. VidaCaixa

According to statistics of Statista, VidaCaixa led the group of the best life insurance companies in Spain in 2021.

In fact, its insured premium volume exceeded $7 billion in 2020, surpassing the returns of mapfre Y Mutual Madrid.

Its catalog of life policies is really wide and is extensive for both self-employed and SMEs.

The companies of CaixaBank, as well as people without a password, partners or self-employed, can take out life insurance in Spain through this insurer.

In any case, their policies will offer greater financial strength to the relatives of the contracting party, while they are alive or after their death.

3. Mapfre

mapfre is another of the insurance companiesrivers of life in Spain that you should knowsince its tailored policies offer you great benefits.

Its life and accident insurance cover cases of dependency, disability and death, and are characterized by being flexible and dynamic.

Additionally, this company allows you to split your payments. Therefore, you decide if you will pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

In parallel, some of their plans also offer support to the contracting party’s children, in case they become seriously ill.

In the same way, the premiums are free of economic charges linked to alternative payment commitments, such as personal loans or mortgages.

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4. Mutua Madrid

is the third largest life insurance companyfirst leg in Spain, being surpassed only by VidaCaixa Y mapfre.

You can contract your loan or family policy, depending on your current financial strength and the needs you want to cover as an insured.

This company allows you to choose the coverage, the periodicity of the payments and the capital. Some policies only cover deaths, while others are also extensive to:

  • Serious diseases.
  • Permanent disabilities.

Hiring additional guarantees is also possible through Mutual Madrid. PBut everything will depend on your interests and needs.

5. Catalan West

The life insurances in Spain that manages Catalan West they are also very competitive, comprehensive and attractive.

Most of their plans make sure to provide you with financial support, avoid unnecessary risks, as well as very interesting tax advantages.

The basic coverage that you can contract with this company will guarantee the safety of your relatives after your death.

Indeed, it will offer them support to complete their studies, and even to pay off the possible mortgage that you could accrue at the time of your death.

It also covers cases of disability or accidental death. So that your loved ones will not be left adrift before these unfortunate circumstances.

Learn how to choose a good policy

recommended insurance in spain protect wealth

If you want to learn how to hire good secaurochs of life in Spain you should pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Evaluate in depth all the characteristics that the policy has. Only then will you be sure to hire the one that best suits your needs.
  2. Review the insurer’s terms and conditions. Don’t forget to read the fine print of the contract.
  3. You must ensure that the insurer responds promptly to supported claims.
  4. The insured sum must be sufficient to guarantee the financial stability of your relatives (for at least five years).

Benefits of being insured in Spain

Contract life insurance in Espain can offer great benefits to your loved onessuch as:

  • Allow them to maintain a good lifestyle after your disability, illness or death.
  • Reduce the chances of incurring bad debts in case something happens to you.
  • Exonerate your family from unsustainable or very heavy financial burdens.
  • Protect the future of your closest circle. With a life policy you will avoid unnecessary shortages or economic setbacks.

Insure and protect your relatives

We have just shared with you several compelling reasons to take out insurance life in Spain that offer peace of mind and financial stability to your relatives.

In addition to these, we have shared with you good options to take out Spanish insurance. So Do not think twice and invest in a policy as soon as possible.

It really is a decision that could change your life and avoid unnecessary risks.

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