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5 LGBTIQ series to watch in Pride Month • ENTER.CO

We are in the month of LGBTIQ pride, which means that the classic ‘pride marches’, conversations and activities in general from and for the community will be taking place around the world. That this topic reached television or cinema has also been a conquest for the LGBTIQ community; That is why we want to recommend five series about it that you can find on the different streaming platforms.

  1. With love, Victor by Star Plus

Victor is a Latino boy who arrives at his new school in the United States where he will face various conflicts like any teenager. Victor has always been attracted to men, but he has never been able to come out of the closet; All this changes when he meets Mia, a girl who makes him doubt his sexuality. Simón, an openly gay boy will support and guide him in his process where he will discover his sexual identity.

  1. It’s a sin from HBO Max

In the 1980s, a wave of HIV hit the entire world, mainly the LGBTIQ community, so society had one more reason to isolate and judge homosexuals. It’s a sin follows a group of young homosexuals who move to London, one of the cities where the virus spread the most; HIV soon hits the group of friends, who decide to support each other. This series is a representation of the harsh reality that the LGBTIQ community experienced at this time and a sign that love and friendship can do anything.

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  1. HBO Max Venom

We also wanted to give the opportunity to a production in Spanish, precisely from Spain. This biographical series narrates the life of Cristina Ortiz, better known as “La Veneno”, a famous trans woman who entered the Spanish show business in the mid-90s. The series shows the prejudices she had to submit to, the rejections, her transition, the prostitution into which she fell out of necessity, and finally her mysterious death.

  1. Feel good from Netflix

Feel Good follows the life of Mae, a middling comedian who is beginning her rehab process. In one of her shows she meets George, a teacher with whom she quickly falls in love with her; the relationship arises by chance and they go to live together in a short time. This series not only shows the romance between two girls, but also reflects emotional dependence, the rehabilitation process, addictive behaviors, etc.

  1. Netflix’s Heartstopper

This series, released just two months ago, has conquered the public due to the dramas it presents. The plot focuses mainly on Nick, a heterosexual teenager who plays on the rugby team, and Charlie, a gay boy who is characterized by his joy and spontaneity. These characters gradually become involved in a teenage romance at the school where they study that is only for men.

The series reflects the daily problems of gay and trans boys, bullying, mental health and provides tools for people who are going through the same thing and for those around them.

Image: Feel Good

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