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5 infallible tips when choosing shoes for work

Choosing the ideal shoes for work seems like a more difficult mission than it really is. Do not believe? Read on and be surprised.

choose the shoes to work it’s an important step when deciding what to wear on the days of the week when the seasons change, right?

The truth is that there are jobs that allow some freedom, while others have a strict dress code, which does not allow daring in shoes, thus creating some limitations.

However, there are some tips for choosing the perfect match that cut across all professional areas. So, point them out and you’ll see what the end of drama mornings is like, where you never know what to wear.

5 essential tricks for choosing shoes for work


watchword: comfort

The first tip that you really have to follow when buying or choosing shoes for work is to look for a comfortable pair.

Regardless of whether you spend many hours on your feet or work mostly sitting, it is imperative that your feet are not a concern, remaining comfortable.

Therefore, always choose good quality shoes or boots that are exactly your size and that you have already worn a few times, to make sure you feel comfortable in them.


Adapt to the work environment

The environment of your workplace is very important when choosing the ideal work shoes.

For example, if you work in a formal company, opt for leather flats, loafers or closed toe shoes. In very formal environments, open shoes are to be avoided.

On the contrary, if you work in a company where the atmosphere is relaxed and young, you can use and abuse sneakers and try different shoes, with more eccentric colors. That is, it is important that your shoes suit the environment.

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Dress in the image of your profession

The way you dress, in your workplace, is inescapably influenced by the nature of the business and profession you perform.

If you are a lawyer or a banker, for example, it is legitimate that you have to wear a more sober outfit and, in that case, opt for classic oxford shoes, loafers or nude shoes with medium heels, it is a good solution.

However, if you work in a more relaxed environment, you can wear whatever you like, from stilettos to sneakers, depending on your mood.

If you are, for example, a doctor or a nurse, comfort is really the watchword and you can either wear espadrilles or ballet flats or sneakers, depending on what you feel best in.

If you’re a woman who loves high heels and can’t think of going to work without them, go for medium-sized ones, with a thick heel. This is because these work shoes are much more comfortable, without neglecting elegance.

As much as all these tips will help you decide which shoes are best for your job, you can never risk losing your identity. What we wear and, in this case, what we wear says a lot about our personality. And, it’s personality that makes us unique, right?

So, even if your work has a very formal atmosphere, you can always combine a more sober suit with shoes that are a little more daring, with a striking detail or a bolder heel.

Where to buy shoes for work?

Nowadays it is very easy to find shoes for work in stores like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Zilian and even Uterque. So it’s all a matter of going around and choosing your favorites.

As you can see, choosing shoes for work doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Take advantage of our tips and choose the shoes you like to wear to work.

This will help you to understand which pairs of shoes you are missing, so you will only buy the ones you need and will actually wear.

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