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5 important tips to avoid ghosting

“Ghosting”, or simply disappearing or unresponsive, has become increasingly common in today’s dating culture. But even though it’s an easy way out, there are better ways to end a relationship. Below we share Tinder’s best tips to avoid ghosting.

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According to a new survey commissioned by Tinder, it appears that 30 percent of Sweden’s 18-25 year olds have “ghosted” more than one person they matched with on a dating app or IRL. Being the one being ghosted is no fun and often leaves you feeling confused and down. Ahead of the upcoming Halloween weekend, Tinder therefore urges all those eager to date to stop “ghosting” and instead date in a nice way.

“Ghosting” means that someone you write to or date IRL disappears into thin air like a ghost without any explanation. It can be about lack of interest, fear of hurting someone or that it is progressing too quickly. Although it’s an easy way out, there are better ways to end a relationship, regardless of how long the dating has been going on. Instead, be authentic and honest by explaining why continuing to see each other is not a good idea. To make sure you are a decent dater, you can check out the checklist below.

5 tips to avoid ghosting

  1. Be yourself and be honest with your match or date.
  2. Consider your match or date’s feelings.
  3. Be clear about how you feel about your match or date.
  4. Be sensitive to your match or date’s needs and preferences.
  5. Respect your match or date’s boundaries.

If you want to end the interaction or relationship – do so respectfully. Because don’t forget… What ghost around comes around.

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