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5 ideas for the week

Get inspired by these 5 ideas to create an everyday work casual look and be comfortable, but with a little formality.

If you work in a not-so-formal environment, choose a casual work look but with some sobriety it can be a real headache.

To help you in this process we have brought you some tips and advice.

The purpose of these looks What we leave as inspiration is to find space for some balance between comfort and professionalism – so that, above all, you feel good throughout the day.

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Casual work look: inspirations for the whole week

Your work wardrobe should consist of pieces that fit your body type and work environment. It is important to feel comfortable while riding a look that looks professional.

Although many of us work Monday through Friday, believe me, you don’t need an extensive wardrobe. You will be able to create looks work casual outfits from pieces you already have at home – even with those you wear on leisure occasions.

set a capsule wardrobe, based on a few pieces, it is essential for you to play and create different looks. Items such as blazers, neutral dresses, tailored pants, t-shirts and knits in light tones and footwear such as ankle boots or loafers, are some examples, and which you certainly already have in your closet.

If you put these pieces together in the right way, you can create an extensive list of casual work looks, so you can save some time when it comes to getting ready.

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One of the most important investments for your casual closet, besides the blazerit must be a pair of tailored trousers.

The high-waisted, wide-leg models allow you to create a more elongated figure, and can be worn with knitwear, or a t-shirt more relaxed and a blazer?? If you prefer more tapered models, opt for more casual shoes, like sneakers, to cut the formality of the look a bit.

Combine tailored pieces with more relaxed pieces, such as a classic overcoat and suit pants with sneakers.

The options with jeans are endless, but be careful not to look too relaxed – we want one look casual work, but you don’t have to look like you’re going out for sandwiches with friends, right?

straight jeans cuts, mom or bell bottom are the most flattering, versatile and easy to use.

finalize your look with more classic pieces, like flat shoes or a masculine blazer. If the workplace allows for more relaxed looks, also bet on white sneakers, for a more modern look.


Who says you can’t wear light denim to work?

Be careful with the pieces you coordinate with and opt for more formal items like a blazer or loafers.

For days with less inspiration, choose to combine practical and easy-to-wear pieces.

Denim pieces always look good with knit pieces. combine a dress maxi knitted with a denim jacket, or jeans with a sweater or cardigan oversized??

In addition to one look full of character, you’ll feel comfortable all day long.

denim jacket

Wear simple dresses with cardigans, blazers or denim jackets.

And because wearing a suit doesn’t have to be synonymous with looks formal and boring.

Choose to wear sets or tailored pieces with more relaxed accessories, such as ballet flats.

This combination results in a young and practical look. You will feel comfortable all day.


Cut the heavier, more serious tone of a suit with a more laid-back accessory, like more casual shoes or a t-shirt.

Many companies propose casual Fridays, where teams can present more relaxed and relaxed looks, in preparation for the long-awaited weekend.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you already work out in your favorite tracksuit, but take the opportunity to show off a little more of your personal style, while following company guidelines.


Jeans and sneakers for office casual Fridays.

As you can see, mount looks more casual office outfits don’t have to be a rocket ship.

The secret is to always combine more relaxed and relaxed pieces with more formal and sober ones, without ever giving up your style and your work environment.

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