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5 haircuts that slim the face

Is it time to renew the look? We went looking for 5 haircuts that slim the face to help you choose the one that best suits you.

If you’ve been thinking about changing your haircut, take a look here 5 haircuts that slim the face?? There are no more excuses for not transform your look?? And know, right away, that the ideal haircut can really make all the difference!

Are you one of those people who have a more rounded or chubby face, and definitely need one of those haircuts that slim the face?

Well, you’ve come to the right place: we’ve chosen some that will help balance the look and disguise the lines that give it a more rounded look.

Haircuts that slim the face

long bangs

Long bangs are an excellent option for those with a rounder face. If you’re one of those people who don’t give up on bangs, then wear them at the height of your mouth, longer on the sides and shorter in the middle.

Layers or peaks

And anyone who wants haircuts that slim the face needs to consider layered or choppy cuts. This type of cut helps to balance the weight of the hair in relation to the round face shape and not only softens the expression, especially in the chin and cheeks area, but also creates volume in strategic points.

asymmetrical Chanel

If the Chanel cut gives a chubby look, the asymmetrical Chanel helps slim the face! As? Make the cut shorter in the back and longer in the front – and if you part your hair in the middle, your face will be even more elongated.

long bob

This is one of the most used haircuts that slim the face. Opt for long bangs or longer ends at the front; the Long Bob not only helps slim your face but also gives it a very modern look.

frayed bangs

Fringe bangs are an excellent option instead of traditional bangs for those who want to see their face slim. So, regardless of the type of haircut you have, if you like to wear bangs, choose to wear them frayed and layered to make them lighter.

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