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5 good tips to make perfume last longer

Did you know that there are some things you can do to make perfume last longer on your skin? Discover them and always feel smelling and fabulous.

Used since antiquity, the Perfumes are assumed as an essential that we do not abdicate, first thing in the morning. After all, who doesn’t like to smell good and feel wonderful? But did you know that there are some tips you can put into practice to make the perfume last longer?

Yes, there are some tricks that allow the perfume to set and stay with you throughout the day.

It’s just that, more than making us smell good, our perfumes of choice are like a style signature, which others associate with us. And, as we all know, some perfumes really have the ability to make us travel back in time and remember special moments.

So, if you’re always complaining that the smell of your perfume disappears as soon as you put it on, check out our tips and start applying them to your life today. You’ll see how they really make all the difference.

Tips for perfume to last longer: the 5 infallible


Apply your favorite perfume right after your shower

There are many experts who argue that it is essential to apply the perfume after a shower, with the skin still damp, so that it sticks better in the dermis. The idea is that as the skin is not yet completely dry, the perfume penetrates more easily, throughout the day.

So, don’t wait to be ready to go out to put on your favorite perfume. Spray yourself with it right after your shower and see the difference for yourself.


Do not rub after applying

Many people have a natural tendency to rub perfume right after applying it. If that’s your case, know that you shouldn’t do it.

It is that, although at the moment it seems that, in fact, the aroma is stronger, the truth is that friction destroys the aromatic molecules.

Consequently, the perfume dissipates more easily, and the feeling of “not smelling anything” after a few hours becomes a constant.


Spray perfume in the air

This is a tip that, at first glance, may seem strange, but the truth is that it really works. So, just spray your perfume into the air and immediately place yourself under the scented cloud. This, of course, in addition to applying the perfume at strategic points.

This will make the perfume stay in the hair and body, remaining “active” throughout the day. Do not believe? Try it.

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Place perfume at strategic points

If your intention is, in fact, that the perfume lasts all day, then you really have to start using this trick today.

So, instead of applying the perfume in discretionary places, try spraying it in strategic places like the wrists, nape, neck, chest, behind the knees or ankles.

As these are body areas with a greater blood supply, they cause the skin temperature to rise and, thus, the scent of the perfume evaporates and releases the aromatic molecules with more intensity.

The result is feeling fresh and fragrant throughout the day.


Also spray the clothes with your favorite perfume

For an intense aroma that stays with you throughout the day, an infallible tip is to also spray your clothes with the perfume you choose for that day.

But beware: do not spray the garment directly. Throw the perfume in the air and let it fall over the pieces you are going to wear.

As the fibers easily lock in scents, you’ll feel like you’re smelling like perfume all day long. And, is there anything better?

Now that you know the secrets to make perfume last longer on your skin, start practicing them now and say goodbye to the feeling that the perfume itself never lasts.

It’s never been so easy to smell fresh all day long.

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