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5 good reasons to use the super product PHA acid

In recent years, many people have opened their eyes to the positive effects that different acids can have on the skin. We list five good reasons to make PHA acid a part of your skin care routine!

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PHA acid, or Polyhydroxy Acid, is one of the acids that have become increasingly widely used in skin care in recent years. Although this acid is less well known than, for example, BHA and AHA acid, it is well worth checking out, especially for those of you with sensitive skin.

5 good reasons to use PHA acid

  1. PHA acid is the acid that suits people with sensitive skin best. The acid differs from, for example, AHA acids in that it has a larger molecular size, which means it is a good choice for people who suffer from skin problems such as rosacea, or tend to get eczema easily.
  2. It exfoliates the skin gently and thus gives a nice glow.
  3. It balances the skin’s moisture levels.
  4. It protects against external harmful factors.
  5. It fights glycation, i.e. the process that weakens the skin’s collagen and reduces its elasticity.

Are you ready to try this kind super acid? Below we list our favorite products with PHA acid!

PS! It is always important to protect the skin from the strong rays of the sun, regardless of whether you use acid or not. But for those who use acid in their skin care routine, it is extra important to be careful with sun protection factor, all year round.

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