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5 fantastic pieces with roots in Portuguese traditions

Our country is rich in history, customs and traditions. Therefore, we went in search of some pieces that praise Portuguese traditions. Check out.

Portugal is a country full of history, culture and tradition, which will be forever in the history of the world. And if it is true that many of the traditions are ignored by the younger generation, it is also true that they give identity to the people. Therefore, we went in search of some pieces that praise the portuguese traditions.

From bobbin lace to the valentine’s handkerchief, not forgetting Viana’s embroidery, there are many wonderful pieces to be made in our country, with the wisdom passed from generation to generation.

It is not surprising, therefore, that nationals and foreigners are absolutely surrendered to the charms of Portugal. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine and unforgettable wine, traditions also contribute to the fascination that our country exerts.

Discover some Portuguese traditions with an impact on the fashion world.

Pieces that extol Portuguese traditions: the 5 must-sees


Tunic with embroidery from Viana

Viana do Castelo Embroidery is well known for its beauty. But did you know that its origin is linked to the work carried out in costumes of the region: “O Traje à Vianesa” or “Traje à Lavradeira”?

Indeed, Traje à Lavradeira was born by the hands of peasant women from some parishes near Viana do Castelo, who wove and embroidered them.

Currently, it is possible to find numerous works with Embroidery from Viana do Castelo, such as pieces of clothing, aprons or flip-flops, inspired by these costumes.

And when we talk about embroideries from Viana, it is possible to distinguish some richer than others, depending on the social class to which they refer. One of the Portuguese traditions with the most followers.

embroidered tunic of viana

Tunic with embroidery from Viana

If you are passionate about the traditions of our country and like the embroideries of Viana, this tunic in white cotton with blue embroideries is perfect to feel beautiful and comfortable on the hottest days.

And of course, why not go with him to Viana do Castelo for a walk?



Viana do Castelo scarf

The scarf, which many of us can identify as belonging to the north of the country, is also part of the typical costume of Viana do Castelo.

Legend has it that they were a fashion introduced in Portugal in the late 18th and early 20th centuries, imported from eastern countries. Only later did they begin to be manufactured in our country.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the Viana scarf is an icon of Portuguese traditions and, for those who like it, it is really worth having one.


Viana scarf

Cheerful and colorful, it’s hard for Viana’s scarves not to conquer women’s hearts with their beauty.


Originally from Minho, the Valentine’s scarf is one of the most colorful Portuguese traditions, originating in the north of the country.

Legend has it that the origin of the “Lover’s Handkerchief” dates back to the 17th – 18th centuries, when ladies embroidered to pass time. Over the years, they were adapted for all women, and began to be part of women’s clothing, as a decorative piece. They were square scarves, made of linen or cotton, embroidered according to each one’s taste.

However, the great magic of the Valentine’s scarves, which gives it its name, is another: having a way to conquer the boyfriend.

Thus, when women reached marriageable age, they began to embroider a linen or cotton handkerchief, with words, phrases and colorful designs.

After being embroidered, the handkerchief was given to the boyfriend or “conversation”. And it was precisely whether he wore the scarf in public or not that would dictate whether there would be courtship.

If he wanted to date, he would have to wear the scarf over his Sunday coat, putting it around his neck. Otherwise, the scarf would go back to the woman.

valentine scarf

valentine scarf

Nowadays it is possible not only to buy a Lenço dos Namorados, but also to buy some pieces of clothing inspired by tradition, going to Vila Verde.


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The origin of our country’s income is unknown, but it is known that it was most likely introduced by the people who passed through here.

Although the first record of bobbin lace dates back to 1560, and to the reign of D. Sebastião, it is known that the art of lace making continued to be invested in Vila do Conde, as there is a record in the Municipal Archives that attests the presence of Vila Condenses lace at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, in 1867.

Thus, it is really worth seeing with your own eyes the wonderful pieces that are made with this lace, from sheets to pieces of clothing.

bobbin lace scarf

Bobbin lace scarf

If you like bobbin lace, know that at least scarves with this wonderful lace, you can buy online.

The rest, wait for a visit to Vila do Conde to delight the eye.

It’s hard for someone not to like bobbin lace.


Recently, the Poveira sweater, originally from Póvoa do Varzim, was in the mouths of the world, after being shamelessly copied by American fashion designer Tory Burch.

Controversies aside, this jersey is one of the most striking Portuguese traditions and began to be worn by fishermen. In addition to being beautiful, it is an ode to tradition and to the best that is done in our country.

poveira sweater

Poveira shirt

If you want to buy the original Poveira shirt, know that you can.

In addition to being very beautiful, because it is made of wool, it is perfect for the coldest days.


As you can see, there is no shortage of wonderful pieces that extol Portuguese traditions. Have you chosen your favorite?

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